5 Unknown Facts About CBD

There is no denying that CBD products are getting a lot of attention nowadays. It has numerous health advantages but misconceptions are persisting around its use, effect and legality. 

Read the following five facts about cannabinoids you might not be familiar with:

  1. No Intoxication with CBD

It is no surprise that people associate CBD with psychoactive characteristics as it is sourced from the cannabis plant. It might slightly affect your mood and mental state but it does not have any mind-altering impact on the body or mind. It was studied that CBD is not linked with euphoria, intoxication or any other high effect. 

The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the leading agent in the cannabis plant that gives you the psychoactive feeling by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Unlike THC, CBD has a low affinity for the ECD and does not create the same high sense. 

Moreover, it can also oppose the THC effect and build contrasting brain activity patterns. 

  • Recreational & Medicinal Uses

There is another misconception regarding THC and CBD as purely medical substances and purely recreational compounds, respectively. It is pertinent to mention here that THC can also be used for medicinal benefits, such as curing nausea and pain, etc., and CBD can also be used for recreational purposes. Both of the uses are often mentioned on CBD packaging, so read them carefully to buy them for the intended purpose.

Those countries with a ban on THC use CBD to experience a soothing effect. 

  • Opposing Effects on THC & Amalgamation with other CBDs 

CBDs, terpenes and several compounds existing in cannabis interact with one and another. There have been a few pieces of research and anecdotal support to prove that the aforementioned substances and ECS often give rise to synergistic impacts known as the entourage effect.   

It has been witnessed that CBD and THC collectively have a better, stronger and faster effect on pain. We might not have wholly comprehended the entourage effect but it has been examined enough to know that the medicinal advantages of cannabis reside in its entirety. 

Isolated forms of CBD and THC have a diverse impact compared to the whole cannabis plant. 

It has its fair share of disadvantages, and a large THC dose can have undesirable side effects. You can experience nausea, increased pain sensation, anxiety and several other illnesses. Do not worry as CBD can combat a lot of the effects mentioned above. They both have a complicated relationship and not easy to understand, but it is easy to recognize that CBD can minimize the anxiety and paranoia caused by THC. 

  • Less Potency in CBD 

Considering the full effect of both compounds on the brain and body, it has been seen that CBD is relatively not as potent as THC. The same amount of each compound will show different outcomes in isolation. It depends on how the compound interacts with the body. 

Please note that having less potency than THC does not make CBD less important as its effects are notable. CBD has antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Due to the significantly less presence of THC in the CBD compound, people need to take a large dose to experience the intended sensation. Not only larger doses but small doses can have valuable results in medicinal aspects. We would highly advise consuming CBD from smaller amounts to see its effect on your body and gradually increase it as your body creates its endurance accordingly. 

It is essential to state that the small quantities of higher-quality CBD products will have a greater number of cannabinoids. It means that even a small dose is saturated with CBD. In contrast, cheaper products are diluted and have less CBD amount. 

  • CBD Not Necessary in Cannabis Plants

We know that CBD is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, but it does not mean it exists in all types of this species. That cannabis, which is specially used for recreational practices, has only CBD traces because they have been focused on creating potent material and making people feel out of this world with its stimulation. 

In current times, people are inclined towards CBD-rich strains in medicinal and recreational industries. It has also been seen that you can find higher concentrated CBD in hemp plants than marijuana ones. 

You are well aware of the five rarely known facts regarding CBD and it is vital to check the legality of such products in the country before purchasing them. Countries like the United States of America, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, Turkey and few others have legalized cannabis for/or medical and recreational goals. 

There are also countries available that have not legalized THC but CBD-based products. Once you are educated about your particular country’s rules and regulations, enjoy the CBD products for whatever reason you want to use them.

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