Best Father’s Day Gifts for Smokers

Best Father’s Day Gifts for Smokers

Father’s Day is coming up fast, which means it’s time to choose a gift for the father figure in your life. If your dad is a smoker, from vaping to CBD, he’ll love any of these gift ideas.


Vaping has been gaining in popularity for years. Aside from being non-carcinogenic and free from many toxins, vaping is a portable way to enjoy the benefits of smoking. If your dad vapes, chances are he already has a go-to vaporizer.

So consider getting him an upgrade! One of the best things about vaporizers is how customizable they are. If your father prefers sleek, modern designs, you can find a vape to match. If he’s more of an on-trend man, you can find that, too. Portable vape pens are as unique as the man who raised you.

If your dad is content with his current pen, consider accessories like replacement coils or pods, or a convenient carrying case. Maybe you could get him some new vape juices — some unique flavors will give him a fresh new experience he’s sure to enjoy. Whatever you choose, your dad is sure to love it.


Perhaps your dad doesn’t vape, but he does enjoy the benefits of smoking CBD. No problem! Whether he smokes CBD cigarettes or a pipe, you can find the perfect gift for him.

Take this all-in-one kit, for example. It’s ideal for your father if he’s new to CBD or just looking for a different way to smoke. It’s small with a stainless steel grinder and a food-grade storage chamber, so your dad can smoke in style while on the road.

Say your father is all set in the CBD smoke department. Accessories are a great option in this case, too. Consider a grinder or even a different style of pipe. Or, if he’s looking to expand his CBD horizons, try a set of gummies or some dab sauce. He’ll never know what he likes until he tries it. He’ll definitely thank you for introducing him to his new favorite smoking options!

With literally dozens upon dozens of options on the market, there’s no shortage of ideas to enhance your dad’s smoking life. Think about your father’s habits and snag the perfect gift in time for Father’s Day.

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