How To Use CBD And Kratom Together For Pain Relief?

CBD is beginning to take the world by storm because of the many health benefits it provides. It’s a natural compound found in hemp, and it’s known to help people with all kinds of health issues such as chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and so on. You can expect many benefits when using CBD, but if you pair it with Kratom, the effects are substantial.

The combination of Kratom and CBD could be super-effective when it comes to pain relief. People suffering from chronic pain often turn to very addictive painkillers that arouses an entirely new set of problems in the long run.

Thus, you should always think about trying alternative solutions made from natural ingredients. The natural combination of Kratom and CBD can eliminate pain and improve your overall quality of life. Let’s see how it works.

Kratom For Pain Relief

Kratom is also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, and it’s a member of the coffee family. The plant is found in Southeast Asia, where it grows almost everywhere. It’s completely legal and available in every local market. The native people there use the plant every day for hundreds of years.

How To Use CBD And Kratom

However, some people have abused it, which led to new laws in some states, prohibiting the use of Kratom completely. Kratom is a partial opioid, much weaker than full opioids like oxycodone, heroin, etc.

Apart from mild psychoactive effects, the plant effectively treats chronic pain and has anti-inflammatory effects. When eaten, it increases the levels of endorphins, which act as natural painkillers, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation.

Pros & Cons of Using Kratom for Pain Relief

It’s evident that Kratom has a few undeniable pros, but it has some downsides too. Apart from the health benefits, it’s very affordable, and you can get it without a prescription. You can order it online at and take care of your chronic pain, without having to wait for the doctor to prescribe new drugs.

The biggest issue with Kratom is that it can lead to psychological and physiological dependence when abused. If you develop a dependency, you’re at risk of withdrawal effects, so stick to the recommended dosing, and you’ll be just fine.

CBD Oil for Pain Relief

CBD or Cannabidiol, is turning out to be one of the most beneficial natural substances known to man. It’s a compound found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, and it’s currently the most tested and experimented substance.

Many studies on CBD proved that it’s safe for human and animal use. It can help with all kinds of health issues, including pain relief, treating anxiety and depression, and it has strong anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD is slowly becoming legal all over the globe, as it’s one of the best alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Unlike most pain relief drugs, CBD doesn’t lead to dependency, and it doesn’t have any negative effects. You can find the best CBD oil at CBDfx.

After the extraction process, the extract is mixed with a carrier oil, such as virgin oil, olive oil, hemp oil, etc. Many people don’t know that we have a built-in endocannabinoid system in our bodies. Without it, CBD would have no effects, as our bodies wouldn’t be able to absorb it.

Our endocannabinoid system recognizes CBD, and once it’s inside, it interacts with the receptors in our ECS. The receptors in the cells respond to the chemical signals received and thus help relieve pain. Many studies concluded that CBD has positive effects on psychological as well as physical health. It has shown excellent pain relief effects on people who have multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and other chronic diseases.   

Kratom and CBD Oil Together for Pain Relief

Now, let’s take a look at how these two substances combine to provide an incredibly potent pain-relief solution. The combination amplifies all benefits creating a mixture that could help.

Kratom increases endorphins and decreases inflammation, while CBD increases cannabinoids and also decreases inflammation. The synergy of these two powerful natural painkillers gives you a ton of useful effects.

How To Use CBD And Kratom

Your body will overflow with endorphins and endocannabinoids, kicking into overdrive, and ultimately leading to substantial pain relief. Most people who have tried it agree that it gets rid of most of the pain.

How to Use Kratom and CBD Oil Together for Pain Relief

First, you have to buy CBD oil and Kratom. When you have both, it’s time to experiment with dosages. That depends on the type of pain you feel and your tolerance to opioids. You should start off with very low doses. Try mixing a little more CBD with a little less Kratom and vice versa.

If you’re new to both substances, start by using about two grams of Kratom mixed in with a few drops of CBD oil. Kratom powder comes in capsules, but most of them are between 500 and 750 milligrams, so you need about three capsules. Start there and work your way up gradually. See how you feel and keep increasing the dosage until all of the pain is gone.

When you eventually find the perfect dose, stick to it, and use it three to four times a day. Your mood will balance out, and you will forget about pain and anxiety.


Kratom is an effective painkiller, and it also increases your energy levels. It can lead to physiological dependence if you’re not careful when dosing, which is why you should only use it for a month before making a break. Otherwise, you can feel withdrawal symptoms.

It’s a powerful natural solution that can help with chronic pain and low energy, and when used with CBD, it can improve your quality of life better than any prescription drug out there.

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