These Are the 6 Most Important Features for Any Wax Pen

There’s little doubt that wax vaping has become one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis over the past several years. Wax concentrates are much more potent than dry flowers, enabling you to reach your desired state of elevation in a much shorter time. Wax concentrates are much easier to store than dry herbs, and they’re also more discreet because they don’t tend to fill the air around you with the telltale aroma of cannabis.

One thing that wax concentrates aren’t, though, is cheap. You need a wax pen that will get the most out of your material both in terms of both potency and flavor quality, and this article is going to help you find it. The great thing about wax pens is that they’re not even that expensive – so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one that’s absolutely perfect for you.

These are the most important features that you should want any wax pen to have.

High-Quality Wax Coil

One could argue that the coil is the most important part of any wax pen – perhaps even more important than the device itself. A wax coil typically uses a heating element made from ceramic, quartz or a combination of the two. Both materials are extremely effective for wax coils for three reasons.

  • They provide even, consistent heating.
  • They provide top-quality flavor because they don’t interact chemically with your wax.
  • They’re very durable and can give you a top-quality vaping experience for a long time with periodic cleaning.

If you use a wax pen long enough, you’ll almost certainly need to replace the coil eventually. It’s still very worthwhile, however, to buy a device that includes at least one high-quality coil because it eliminates the need to purchase a coil separately.

Adjustable Power

One of the biggest challenges of any type of vaping – whether it’s wax, oil or dry herbs – is finding the optimal temperature level for the material you’re using. Higher temperatures will tend to vaporize the material more quickly and more completely, giving you a more intense experience and allowing you to reach your desired state of elevation more quickly. On the other hand, you’ll enjoy a cooler and smoother vaping experience if you set your device to a lower temperature level. Either way, the goal is to vaporize the wax – not to burn it – so having the ability to vary your wax pen’s power level is very useful.

Manual Fire Button

When you add wax to your device’s coil, you don’t want to take a deep puff right away. If you do that, you’ll get a harsh “dry hit” because the coil can’t produce a good, flavorful cloud of vapor until the wax has a chance to soften and penetrate the coil. The easiest way to soften a wax concentrate is by pulsing the coil gently until the wax melts and turns to liquid. That’s difficult to do with a wax pen that uses puff-based firing – but with a manual fire button, it’s easy. All that you need to do is tap the fire button a few times to melt the wax, and then you can start vaping. Sometimes, a wax pen will even have a preheating mode that melts the wax automatically.

510 Threading

When you’re shopping for a wax pen, the last thing you want to do is buy a device that has a built-in coil unless you’re okay with the fact that a wax pen with a permanent coil is essentially a disposable device. There are three reasons why the best wax pen will always use a detachable 510-threaded coil.

  • Every wax coil goes bad eventually, but you can prolong its life by periodically soaking it in alcohol and rinsing it to remove waxy residue. You can’t soak a wax coil if it’s built into the device, and that means the coil will go bad more quickly.
  • When a threaded coil eventually becomes so dirty that cleaning it no longer has a noticeable effect, you can simply throw the coil away and replace it with a new one; there’s no need to replace the entire wax pen.
  • Having 510 threading means that you can also use your wax pen with other attachments such as pre-filled vape cartridges.

Ability to Connect to a Water Pipe or Bubbler

If you’re a serious herb aficionado, there’s a good chance that you own a water pipe. There’s an equally good chance that your experience with that water pipe is part of what made you want to try vaping in the first place – you probably got sick of hacking up a lung each time you took your first big bong rip of the day. Buying a wax pen isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t actually stop smoking, though – and no other method of consumption can quite replicate the smooth flavor that you get with water filtration. If you love your bong and don’t want to be without it, choose a wax pen with an adapter that allows it to connect to a water pipe or bubbler. You’ll love having a vaporizer with the ability to connect to your existing collection of smoking accessories.

Automatic Firing Option

If you plan to connect your wax pen to your bong, you’ll find that it’s extremely useful to have a device supporting both button-based and puff-based firing. You’ll discover why as soon as you try to use a bong with a wax pen that only offers manual firing – it’s very inconvenient to reach around your bong and hold a fire button. If you want to attach your wax pen to your existing collection of smoking accessories, you’ll find that the most enjoyable way to do so is with automatic puff-based firing. In some cases, you don’t have to do anything special to switch modes when using a wax pen; you can simply puff on it, and it’ll generate vapor. In other cases, you may need to press the fire button a few times to switch from on-demand mode to session mode. Either way, it’s an extremely useful feature to have.

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