The Best Electric Dab Rig-Waxmaid Ares

There are all kinds of dab rigs, and then there is the Waxmaid electric dab rig. That should tell you that there is a different experience when using it. Why? It’s not the usual dab rig you see in the streets.

The Best Electric Dab Rig-Waxmaid Ares

That does not mean that you cannot introduce it to other enthusiasts. This electric dab rig has brought about a change in how you will be viewing dab rigs. Using power means it’s more sophisticated, but it also offers simplicity in use and maintenance.

Let’s see why Waxmaid Ares rocks the vape world for the extracts and oils in the 21st century.

What Makes Waxmaid Ares the Best Electric Dab Rig

There are various features and ways of usage that this electric dab rig possesses, and they push it all the way to number one. There is no torch used here, making it the perfect traveling companion when a lighter is not nearby.

That begs us to shed light on how it works in a bid to quench your curiosity.


The Waxmaid Ares has some environmentally friendly materials making it, and they are also certified as beyond food-safe by the FDA. The electric dab rig has a Zinc alloy made while the mouthpiece is made of platinum-cured silicone.

You can detach the mouthpiece, and the dab rig accommodates other mouthpiece versions as long as they have an 18mm diameter. That implies even fitting with pieces from other Waxmaid nectar collectors.

The Best Electric Dab Rig-Waxmaid Ares

At 6.5 inches tall, it’s one of the smallest dab rigs that you will have no problem carrying when assembled. If you are not near the PU bag that comes with it, it’s also okay for the little unit to stay in your pocket. It will never bother you at all.

Everything comes disassembled when the package arrives. The items are well stored in the honeycomb-designed bag and strapped for better holding while on the move. It’s also smell proof if you are worried about walking with the bag in hot, crowded areas.

The Best Electric Dab Rig-Waxmaid Ares

The main compartment hosts all the bigger parts. That includes the electric unit itself, glass container, honeycomb percolator, mouthpiece, the atomizer, its lower unit, and the octopus container.

The lesser opening side has a mesh pocket to store the cleaning tools, cable, and manual. The bag has a double zipper for easy opening and closing. That is why we call it a small suitcase, especially when you consider its making.

The part that adds value to this electric dab rig is the quartz atomizer. It heats instantly upon powering the dab rig, and that’s the game-changer here. It’s much better than ceramic (or glass) so, you don’t need to wait for 30 seconds of heating up before the first hit.

With no anxiety to be deduced, it’s all about charging the unit, powering up, and hitting once everything is loaded. The cleaning tools in the house include the cleaning brush and Q-tips. There is also a dab tool in the collection and a rubber belt to hold the wax carb cap.

Ease of Use

To use the Waxmaid Ares, all you need is to open the bag and empty the contents. Remove all the components from the pack and first start by fitting the honeycomb collector to the electric unit.

After that, fill the glass container with some water and then close down using the unit together with the percolator. Next, connect the lower part of the atomizer and the top part too. Once you have fitted everything, get the carb cap and the belt and insert both, with the strap going first.

The Best Electric Dab Rig-Waxmaid Ares

To charge it, all you need is the provided USB cable which uses the standard micro USB. It takes 2.5 hours to charge the batteries fully. When fully juiced up, the power button will assist in powering it up.

There are two temperature modes that the Waxmaid electric dab rig offers. There is the 475F which you get after hitting the button four times. The indicator shows green on the unit when this temperature is achieved.

If you press the button three times further, you get the second mode at 575F. At that point, the indicator goes yellow. Once you get your suitable temperature, now, it’s all about loading and toking for sixty sessions.

Yes, you read that right! You can use it for that long before getting to recharge it for the next 2 ½ hours. If the unit is getting hotter, it dissipates the heat via the sides as there is ventilation.

There is an octopus container in the collection that you can use to store your loads, and that’s another beauty of buying this dab rig.

Hassle-Free Cleaning, Maintenance, and Carrying

There are cleaning tools in the PU bag for the Waxmaid Ares. You can use the Q-tips to clean the atomizer and the lower part too. They can also go to the mouthpiece, although the cleaning brush will do a better job there.

The electric unit should never go near the water, and that’s obvious to adults. The glass container, percolator, and mouthpiece, are all dishwasher safe. Better cleaning of the glass and the 37-hole honeycomb can be done using 70% concentrated alcohol mixed with salt.

The Best Electric Dab Rig-Waxmaid Ares

Daily use of the electric dab rig is not a problem since it can fit in your pocket if you don’t need the bag while moving. While in use, the glass container’s conical shape gives it the proper steadiness from accidental knock-offs.

The best part comes in when it’s time to pack the PU bag and leave. Everything is held in position while the bag is small enough to carry with a giant bag. If it’s the only thing you are taking, the silicone handle provides the grip you need with no sweaty feelings.

It’s also resistant to wear and tear, making it a durable 420 bag.


Now, you know why the Waxmaid electric dab rig gets the recognition. It’s an electric vaporizer that you need in this generation for better oil and concentrates hitting experience.

It may be somewhat expensive, but it will arrive with all the benefits we have discussed above. Now, it’s your time to shine with the new Waxmaid Ares in town!

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