3 Real Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping: Is Sub-Ohming Really For You?

There’s no doubt: in 2015, sub-ohm vaping, or sub-ohming, is really taking off. More powerful regulated mods and easy-to-use sub-ohm clearomizers allow vapers to enjoy bigger and thicker clouds of vapor than ever before, and without much hassle. However, some vapers ’ beginners and experienced ones aswell ’ may ask a question: will sub-ohming suit my vaping needs? Do I really need to upgrade my setup to be able to fire sub-ohm coils? Besides the thick clouds, what else is in it for me? If you’re not very familiar with sub-ohming yet, let us provide you some answers and talk about real, proved benefits of sub ohm vaping!

Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping

2. Much More Vapor

The ability to blow huge clouds of vapor is certainly the cornerstone of sub-ohming. There’s no way around it ’ RDAs, RTAs and sub-ohm tanks with premade coils all allow you to produce plenty of vapor. If you’re really not that much into the clouds, or are just an occasional vaper who prefers not to be noticed while vaping, you should probably stay away from sub-ohming. However, let’s be honest: there are not many people out there who do not love huge vapor production.

Among other things, I have witnessed how a guy, a smoker, who initially laughed at electronic cigarettes and everything that has something to do with vaping, became a vaper himself on an instant after taking a short draw on a Kanger Subtank. This means that sub-ohm vaping and the amount of vapor it allows to produce might also be very pleasant to smokers who have long enjoyed having their mouths and lungs full of… harmful tobacco smoke. And that’s a very good thing.

2. Better Flavor

Sub-ohm builds often allow users to enjoy much more flavor than traditional clearomizers. As the vapor is exceptionally dense, it is possible to taste more of your e-liquid with each hit. And, in combination with organic cotton wicking material, sub-ohm coils can provide a vape with a very intense and clear taste.

In fact, vapor coming out of a sub-ohm tank or rebuildable may also taste very differently than you’re used to, and in a good way. For me, my first steps in sub-ohming was overwhelming, because tasting my favorite e-juices became a whole new experience for my tastebuds.

There is no doubt that sub-ohming also produces relatively warmer vapor, compared to using regular coils and builds. And, let’s be honest, for most people, this is a benefit. However, if you’re really into a cooler vape, getting a sub-ohm tank or rebuildable might not be the best choice.

3. Better Overall Vaping Experience

It is only logical that better vapor production and the ability to taste your favorite e-juices better makes the whole experience of vaping much more pleasant and enjoyable. You can get plenty of smooth, flavorful vapor coming out of your tank even with little puffs, and there’s no need to impatiently suck onto the mouthpiece for 5-10 seconds anymore. Besides, sub-ohm builds usually also mean less dry hits, and the advanced technology and build quality of most sub-ohm tanks ensures less gurgling, flooding and leaking problems, compared to your regular clearomizer.

In other words, sub-ohming simply means better overall delivery of vapor, and this definitely makes it the future of vaping ’ a future which is worth trying.

Despite its unarguable benefits, sub-ohm vaping, of course, may also have some downsides. But let’s leave those for another time!

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