6 Best CBD vape juice flavors that you need to try ASAP!

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Vaping has gained tremendous popularity amongst youngsters over the last couple of years. As per the 2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey, 3.5 million young adults use vaping devices. Due to this increase in vaping, 11.7 to 20.8 percent in 2018, there was a growing demand amongst users for additions and alterations in standard vape juice to enhance their vaping experience. Seeing the demand for a better experience, the manufacturers came up with flavored vape juices to make the vaping experience even better and more personal. If you visit any leading vape juice manufacturers or seller’s websites, you will see a wide array of vape juice flavors to try. In addition, you can explore some high-quality flavored vape juices online.

6 Best CBD vape juice flavors to try:


The tangy and fruity flavor of pineapple is first on our list. The flavor is often used in cakes, ice creams, and other edibles and is very popular. Keeping that in mind, many manufacturers have come up with pineapple-flavored vape juices for users. The house eliquids offer a sweet and tangy twist to your otherwise bland vaping experience. With pineapple gaining popularity amongst vaping enthusiasts, it is one flavor that you must try.


A flavor that is very popular amongst vape users is mint. Mint has been used for a very long time as a mouth refreshment agent. There can be times when you are nervous, and your breath isn’t fresh; you can use mint to come to your rescue. Thus, when you get 99% CBD isolates with the freshness of mint, you get a sense of freshness and calmness. It provides a refreshing and cooling effect and offers relief from stress and anxiety. A very classic flavor, mint leaves you with an icy cold sensation and lifts your spirits. You no longer have to experience the bad taste of plain vape pens.


The authentic fruity and sweet flavor of raspberry is also very popular amongst vape juice enthusiasts. The fruity and slightly intense profile of raspberry makes every vape experience a pleasant one. Moreover, the raspberry flavor works well with many additional flavors as well. You can customize it by adding flavors like chocolate, candy, blueberry, etc. the raspberry and blueberry mix vape juice is especially popular amongst users as it brings a tart and sweet candy-like experience. This exciting mix of flavors along with raspberry can make any vaping experience tasty and bring back memories of your childhood too.


Strawberry has probably been the most used flavor in most edible items. The list that starts from chocolates and ice creams now includes vaping liquid too. Strawberry is the most popular and frequently used flavor that is considered an ideal choice for people who are new to vaping. The taste and aroma of strawberries is preferred by the majority of vape users. Moreover, the versatility that it offers is far superior to other flavors. You can find plain strawberry flavored vapes that are light and fresh and also cream and milk mixed with strawberry flavors to add a fun twist to your vaping experience. Therefore strawberry not only makes for an excellent vaping experience but also allows you to pair and infuse it with other flavors of your choice. 


Another refreshing vaping flavor that you must explore to make your vaping experience even better is watermelon. It may sound like a unique flavor, but it has gained tremendous popularity amongst vaping enthusiasts in the past few years. Considered a great flavor option for users who are new to vaping, watermelon offers an excellent taste and refreshing experience. The vaping liquid gives you the experience of biting into a slice of fresh watermelon full of juice. Additionally, the flavor allows you to blend and infuse other flavors in it, allowing you to have a customized flavored vape liquid to enjoy the next time you vape. Moreover, many manufacturers have enhanced their product quality to deliver a smooth and almost fruit-like experience to their customers.


Often used in perfumes and cosmetics, rose is one flavor that offers a very exotic experience to your otherwise not so pleasant vaping experience. The sweet aroma and unique flavor profile of rose is something that every vape enthusiast will like and enjoy. Additionally, the typical rose flavor is also infused with berries which offers a smooth and tangy experience and leaves a very pleasant after-taste. Rose is one delicious flavor that every vape user must try. 

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The benefits of using flavored vape liquid:

  • Leaves a pleasant after-taste: Having a flavored vape liquid rather than plain vape liquid allows you to make your vaping experience better by offering a pleasant taste. Flavored liquids remove the monotony from your regular vaping experience and will enable you to enjoy several flavor profiles as well. In addition, with a wide range of flavored liquids, you no longer have to experience the horrible after-taste that the ingredients of vape liquids leave behind. 

  • Adds variety to your vaping experience: There are many vaping juice flavors available in the market now. You can try these flavors and enhance your everyday vaping experience. Moreover, with several flavors available in the market, you will indeed find a flavor of your choice.
  • Helps quit smoking: There is a large chunk of people who have switched to vaping as a step to quit smoking. Moreover, vaping has a safer profile than smoking cigarettes. Thus vaping liquids will help you stay away from cigarettes and make the experience pleasant and smooth as well. 

  • Helps relax: These vape liquids are often infused with high-quality CBD that allows you to relax and destress. Therefore, with flavored liquids, you make vaping enjoyable but also a relaxing experience.

A final word:

Since vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, people are being drawn to it. Therefore to cater to the ever-increasing demand of customers and offer them something unique, manufacturers are offering a wide array of flavors to explore and enjoy. With so many options to choose from, you will find a flavor profile that you can enjoy and make your regular vaping experience better and full of flavor.

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