Augvape Templar RDA Review

The Augvape Templar RDA is a small 22mm dropper with a very special design platform. The designers used the popular double-speed clip style and made it their own with a single screw. The Temper RDA coil can be used in both single and double winding has a double airflow and an adjustable squonk pin and a frosted combat cap included. Augvape released excellent tanks and drippers, especially Druga, that I enjoyed, Merlin and Merlin RDTA mini and mod. I had the pleasure to see the sexy V200 again.

Kit Content:

  • X1 Augvape Templar RDA
  • Top Ground Matt X1
  • Replacement bag with:
  • Squonk pen
  • Ultem single coil distributor
  • 510 adapters and O-rings


  • 22 mm wide
  • 26 mm high
  • Compatible drip tip 810
  • Double airflow with single coil option

Key Features

Despite its design on three levels, think of wedding cake, there is a very low RDA, both in height and width, and measures just over 22mm in diameter. It can work in single coil and dual coil and ULT-separation platform is obtained [I think] practice fitting in a ring or so go nowhere. The flow control cycle air has multiple stages, which means that X2 sets of airflow can set six holes, as Morse code is called the “point edge point” to their personal optimal and this duplicate on both sides.


Augvape Templar RDA review

I received the black version and the logo Templar is engraved on the barrel and the name is also engraved on the top cover, but in a cut that not only looks good but like a small handle. The frosted top gives the DDR another look, but it seems it somehow reduces the out-of-the-box, an extremely attractive dropper. Even after almost two weeks, the AFC ring has enough power to remain comfortably stiff, which means it will not move after insertion. The platform is beautifully assembled and this single screw with heat treatment will take screwdrivers off and flat. The action of the pliers is also smooth as silk and post holes, although it is a small RDA, some old coils can be taken without interference. As I said, I think in the design that you think of the wedding cake, given their 3-level style, which really enhances the look of this RDA.


OK, the GDR of Augvape Templar is mechanized and they look nice, but it’s all a waste of time if it does not work as well as it looks! First the design experience. This unique type of screw speed pliers is so easy to build that even this old fool had the first time! There is plenty of room to work and this clamp is really a pleasure, smooth as silk, but with enough torque to shake those legs. But be careful when unscrewing. I once completely unscrewed it, but in fact, it’s easy to screw it back without damage. Evacuation is easy too. After all, it’s a recommended daily allowance, and despite the size of the platform and the flat juice, there’s plenty of room for your cotton.


  • Full of taste
  • Big clouds
  • Single and double coil
  • Flat profile
  • Elegant design
  • 22 mm
  • Excellent coverage
  • Excellent airflow control
  • Combat blanket included
  • Good striker with pin included!
  • Single coil separator


  • Adjustable top cover for more double rings or even lubricated
  • 510 pins that barely protrude


The RDA by Augvape Templar is not only beautiful as a picture, but also a dream. The taste is excellent and even in single coil mode, the clouds are very good for their size. All the 810 I’ve tried fit together perfectly and adding the fight limit means you can add another dimension to your vaping experience. Personally, I will not use it regularly as a squoner, make no mistake, it works very well, I think it’s more of a delicate painting than your pipette. Of course, you can drain the top cover, especially in combat hat mode, but I think that, like the design, this one deserves a little finesse.

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