Dry Herb Vaporizers – What Makes Them Better Than Smoking

While smoking is one of the most convenient and popular ways of consuming cannabis, it isn’t revered a lot from a safety perspective. It comes as no surprise that smokers now look for a healthier alternative to inhale weed without irritating their lungs and throats. Thankfully, vaping is a far safer option that they can embrace without struggling much with the learning curve.

You can easily get comfortable with the tools and techniques of vaping because they do not take a lot of skills and practice to master. Finding the best vaporizer is also easy, so there isn’t much that you need to do to make this healthy switch. Let us give you some good reasons to make the transition sooner rather than late.

Vapor is easier to handle than smoke

When you vape cannabis, you do not heat it to temperatures that are high enough for combustion. The process uses slow heating and produces vapor, which is easy on your lungs and throat. Conversely, smoking produces smoke with contains toxins and carcinogens produced due to combustion. When you transition to vaping, you end up with a healthier throat and lungs by eliminating exposure to toxic smoke. Instead, you have aromatic, flavorful vapor that promises an incredible experience every time you vape.

Maximize potency and bioavailability

Cannabis contains high-value compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. While they deliver a host of health benefits, these compounds are highly sensitive. Smoking burns them off quickly, and you end up losing a hefty amount even before taking a full puff. Moreover, much of the potency is lost as weed burns between draws. It makes the process inefficient and wasteful. However, you can maximize the potency and bioavailability with vaping as you do it at optimal temperatures that preserve the active compounds. You save money in the long run with pure and potent vapor.

Better and cleaner taste

Another valid reason to switch to vaping is that it gives you a better and cleaner taste as compared to smoking. Burning the herb destroys the flavor, and you may not even be able to make out the difference between diverse strains. Using a vaporizer helps you experience the real flavors of weed with tasty vapor. You end up inhaling slowly and enjoying every bit of the flavorful burst that comes with the experience. Moreover, you can distinguish between strains and identify the ones that work for you.

Discreet and convenient devices

Smoking isn’t easy if you want to do it without getting unwanted attention. However, you can easily go ahead with discreet and convenient experiences if you opt to vape. You can pick a dry herb vaporizer that fits in your pocket and is super-easy to use. It isn’t something you can imagine doing with a pipe or bowl. You need not worry much about the smell of vapor as it isn’t as noticeable as that of smoke. Vape odor does not linger for long, and clouds dissipate quickly, so you can easily do it anywhere without being too loud and prominent.

More control over the experience

Another advantage of vaping is that you have more control over your experience. Unlike smoking, you can tailor the experience by modulating the temperature and quantity of herb you pack in the vaporizer. It is easy to understand the optimal quantity to use in the device. You can also easily adjust the temperature control settings of the vaporizer. Going a bit high can boost the vapor production, while you can bring it down if you wish to go low and slow. Since you gave better control, the experience gets more enjoyable and personalized.

Get more with less

When you heat the herb slowly, it is bound to last longer than you expect. You end up spending less and getting more only with small quantities of the herb. It will not even turn into char that goes waste after burning. Rather, you get remnants that you can still use because they retain the flavor and effects. You can add the vaped bud to edibles and cook delicious ones that get you high. While you save a lot on the herb, vaping tools are also easy on your pocket. There are high-end variants in the market, but you can easily get efficient devices that fit within your budget.

Excellent for medicinal purposes

If you are a medicinal user, smoking isn’t the best choice for obvious reasons. It may help you ease your chronic pain, deal with anxiety, or get better sleep, but you may end up with irritated lungs. Vaping is a better alternative on any day as it lets you micro-dose your herb and get the benefits you expect. The best part is that it will not have any effects on your lungs or throat. You only need to pack a minimal amount of herb in the vaporizer chamber and run it at a lower temperature, and you have lasting relief without any side effects.

Options for everyone

With smoking, your options in devices are limited to pipes, rolling papers, and cigar leaf only. However, vaping gives you a host of alternatives, and you can pick one that works the best for you. Vape pens and portable vaporizers are ideal if you travel a lot. A desktop variant works for those who enjoy their sessions at home. You can also explore devices that offer different features and technologies, such as temperature control. The choice boils down to your preferences and expectations, so check out the features before you buy a device.

With cannabis becoming legal now, you can easily procure your supplies and tools from local dispensaries and online stores. Therefore, there aren’t many barriers to trying new products and methods of consumption. Switching from smoking to vaping could be the best decision as it makes weed as healthy as it can be. Learn your basics about the method and pick a vaporizer you can rely on for delivering consistent experiences. You will surely notice things getting better with this healthier alternative.

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