How Dispensaries Can Enhance Retail Experiences For Cannabis Buyers

As cannabis sales become legal across the country, the competition in the business space is growing. Dispensary owners need to go the extra mile with the quality and variety in products, and unique retail experiences for your customers can set your store apart. Providing an exceptional experience requires a creative strategy and careful planning, but it is worth the effort. You can embrace some actionable ideas to ensure that the buyers leave satisfied and come back for more. Here are the ones that take you a step closer.

Have a CX strategy

Creating an excellent customer experience starts with a workable CX strategy. Begin with defining your buyer persona so that you understand their expectations. Follow them closely and ensure that your team members also have a fair idea so that they can interact with the customers accordingly. Find ways to improve your customer experience by seeking suggestions and feedback from them. Focus on getting better because your services should always be evolving according to the market trends and consumer demands.

Invest in employee training

It is vital to have a great team because they are the face of your dispensary. Investing in employee training is a wise move to take your retail experiences a notch higher. Knowledge about the products keeps them on the right track because customers don’t just walk in with the intention to buy.  They also want to be educated, considering that there are still many apprehensions and misconceptions about cannabis. Your staff members should be able to educate the potential buyers and build their trust in your dispensary and products.

Go the extra mile with your services

The real work starts when customers are in-store and looking around. They will expect excellent services at the point-of-sale once they have the education on products. The best approach is to focus on the lifetime value rather than the purchase value of the buyer. Flexibility can make all the difference. A pocket point of sale empowers your staff with flexibility, as it helps them sell the product at any location in the store instead of having the customer wait in long queues. It becomes all the more important right now when people prefer curbside pickups and home deliveries in the era of social distancing. 

Create brand loyalty

While excellent services take your dispensary a step ahead with retail experiences, you cannot overlook brand loyalty. Loyal customers work like assets for any business. They come back for repeat purchases and also propagate your business with word-of-mouth recommendations. Running a loyalty program in-store gets you customers who will stick around and pull crowds for your dispensary. You can distribute brand merchandise as an add-on for their experience. Make it personal with dispensary software that lets your salespersons keep track of the last purchases and provide recommendations for buyers accordingly.

Sellers have myriad options to get better with the retail experiences they deliver to the visitors. You only need to stay a step ahead of the customer expectations and make conscious efforts to match them, and you can win them over for a lifetime.

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