IQOS vs Vape: What’s Better?

Vaping has become very popular in recent years. Its greatness out shadows the tobacco industry. The new health regulations put in place have made the situation more complicated. It led to the development and release of IQOS to tobacco consumers. However, even if they have some similarities as a much safer means of smoking tobacco and other concentrates, they have varying differences. It is essential to help you decide which is better of the two methods. Here is more information on the subject. 


IQOS vs Vape

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If aiming to use IQOS, you need the standard cigarette packs, the charging case or IQOS, the IQOS cleaning kit and the Micro USB for charging purposes. The IQOS requires you as a user to commit to its maintenance and ensure the device is clean always. You have to know that the device does tend to make a mess, especially if stuck; it can eject all the HEET placed in it. Besides, you will need to continually charge the device’s battery even when it is in use. It heats to 300 degrees to around 350 degrees.

Vape pens come ready for use. They have no refuse and also require cleaning now and then. They make no mess and offer you the opportunity to vape continuously without having to recharge the battery. Vape pens heat the vape juice to a specific temperature which does not exceed 320 degrees.



IQOS contains nicotine, which is addictive and can be harmful to your body. Also, it has propylene glycol, glycerin, and other flavors. Besides, the composition also includes contaminants that can be harmful to your health.

Vaping allows you to adjust the amount of nicotine you have, limiting its addictiveness and impacts on your health. Vaping also allows you to mix the base solutions. Many individuals have a specific reference of forty sixty rates.


  • Public Areas

IQOS neither does it impact on the air and its quality. Therefore, you can use it indoors or outdoors. You do not have to fear people being cross or government restrictions. Similar to IQOS, the vape can also be put into use anywhere, even in the office, at a train station among other public spaces.

  • Replenishing

Everyone knows that vape pens from any online dispensary are reusable. Reusing means you can refill the vape pen and use more than once. IQOS sticks, on the other hand, can only be put to use once. If depleted, you throw them away and replenish them with new sticks. The reusable section is the mouthpiece that you can clean as desired.

  • Charging mechanism

IQOS has a charging capacity of around 2900mA/h, and you can smoke with it a single pack of smokes or cigarettes in a day. If vaping, the vape pens have a capacity of 3000mA/h, and if using rechargeable batteries, their capacity increases to around 6000 to 9000mA/h.

  • Smell

Smoking tobacco leaves behind quite a stench. However, IQOS has a roasted aroma which is light rather than the thick tobacco smoke or cannabis sativa smoke. Vaping concentrates come in different flavors. However, they do not contain any unpleasant smells. You select the vaping feeling following your preferences.

  • Cloud visuals


People are finding the smoke cloud produced when smoking as a work of art. If it’s not there, then they lose interest in the product. IQOS provides a thick cloud of vapor that is highly visible and quite satisfying. However, it does dissipate fast and is not as massive in comparison to the actual smoke cloud.


After inhaling the IQOS smoke, the effect is felt on the throat. The feeling isn’t unpleasant, and the taste of tobacco seemingly leaves no lingering odor or taste in your mouth. Vaping is quite potent, and its impact has a certain tingle on your throat, and you can even feel it going down to the lungs.

General effects I

The online dispensary Canada offers the opportunity to purchase vaping essential desired. Even though vaping and IQOS are similar to smoking, they are quite different. They tend to protect the individuals using them from the harm that results in actual smoking of various substances. The effects of vaping and IQOS on your general health or their safety measures are still to be identified and concluded with scientific facts. At this time, all there is a lot of speculation.


Finally, even with the different positives and negatives of each of the above methods, it is essential to know that your personal preference takes precedence when purchasing vape or IQOS. If the desired effects are delivered in full using IQOS, then it is the best for you. However, it is essential to try other methods, and you might find vaping being more exciting and with a better offer in comparison with IQOS.


The above information is designed to help you decide which method is better. The decision should be dependent on facts and the feeling of satisfaction derived from using either of the arrangements. Remember, what you prefer is your decision but also, being adventurous and trying out both before making that decision is advisable.

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