Ruthless Vapor Review

Ruthless Vapor has been and always will be influenced heavily by their dedication to flavor-packed candied, dessert and fruit flavors since 2011. Turning them into delicious vape juice is how Ruthless Vapor has become such a big part of the vaping community. Their team is made up of people who are vaping devotees and are dedicated to producing the best flavored vape juices. All of Ruthless Vapor vape juice goes through rigorous testing to make sure it is the best of the best before it gets the infamous Ruthless label.

Ruthless Vapor Ejuice Flavor Review

Ez Duz It

Ruthless Vapor ReviewEz Duz It is a flavor packed juice with jaw dropping flavors of sweet watermelon and candied strawberries. On the inhale, the flavor burst of candy strawberry is the first thing you taste. The world stopping sweet strawberry flavor that is hard to find has been recreated into a vape juice that can go with you wherever you go. On the exhale a rush of watermelon so sweet it’s like its coated in sugar hits your taste buds creating the perfect fruity watermelon strawberry flavor. Nothing can compare to the out of this world flavor this juice creates.

Ez Duz It On Ice

Ruthless Vapor ReviewIf a refreshing exhale is your thing, Ez Duz It On Ice is the juice for you. The succulent strawberry candy flavor and invigorating watermelon flavor followed by the cooling exhale will be something you can’t get enough of! As you inhale your taste buds get the sweetest taste they’ve ever had. Fresh strawberries fused with juicy watermelon make for the best duo that provides the most flavor. As you exhale, the menthol base leaves a cooled effect on your taste buds that wash away the sweetness leaving them feeling refreshed.

Grape Drank

Ruthless Vapor ReviewFizzy grape soda is something that many have left in their childhood. That is no longer a thing with this vape juice! Bring the fizzy grape soda back into your life with Grape Drank by Ruthless Vapor. Grape Drank brings the familiar flavor of that fizzy goodness in a vape juice that will become your favorite in rotation. As you inhale you can taste the carbonation fusing with the grape flavor leaving your taste buds tingling in excitement. As you exhale, the succulent grape flavor lingers leaving you craving more!

Grape Drank On Ice

Menthol advocates this vape juice was made with you in mind, because once you go menthol, you never go back. Grape Drank On Ice gives you that familiarity of fizzy grape soda from your youth, with a twist in the story of a burst of energizing menthol. As you inhale you get transported back to your childhood of perfectly carbonated grape soda that will have your mind reeling from the exquisite flavors. As you exhale, the invigorating menthol cornerstone will leave you and your taste buds ready anything to come your way!

Jungle Fever

Ruthless Vapor ReviewFruit lovers, its your time to shine! This juice will bring fruit lovers from every corner of the world to the table with the sucker punch of flavor it brings. With fresh mango, juicy pineapple, and a subtle taste of citrus this is one of the best juices on the market. On the inhale, the rush of sweet mango mixed with tantalizing pineapple will blow your mind. No other juice can bring the heat like Jungle Fever. As you exhale, the subdued citrus flavor grazes your taste buds, so true to taste that you’ll question everything. Allow your wild side to be free within the wild with Jungle Fever!


Ruthless Vapor ReviewWho doesn’t love a romance triangle? With this fusion of juicy raspberry, succulent kiwis, and fresh wild strawberries the romance triangle is brought back to life wrapped into a pretty bow. For being a romance triangle, Strizzy is a completely smooth flavored juice. As you inhale, the flavor of juicy tart raspberries just glides across your taste buds like a ballroom dancer. Joining in on the dance, is a rich kiwi flavor that dance like lifetime long partners with the raspberries. As you exhale, the wild strawberries join in on this elaborate dance and it is so flawless that you can’t tell where the raspberries and kiwis start and where the strawberries end. Strizzy blends these exotic flavors together in such a elaborate way that they complement every nook and cranny of each other.

Swamp Thang

For those of you who can’t put down those sour candies because of your sour addiction, this juice is the best thing to happen. Creating the most lip puckering flavor with succulent, juicy apples, Swamp Thang will make you reevaluate your entire world. The sour notes of this just are followed by sweet apple notes to sooth the aftermath of the sour. As you inhale, your taste buds will be shaken awake with the sour apple flavor as if someone just poured ice cold water on you while you were dead asleep. As you exhale, the candied apple flavor comforts your taste buds like someone handing you a dry shirt after pour ice cold water on you.

Tropic Thunda

Ruthless Vapor ReviewA concoction of guava and berries had to be a midnight idea, however it still taste phenomenal. The tropical guava fruit is a force to be reckoned with, with its delightful sweet flavor, and then combine that with the slightly sweet-tart mixture of berries and boom you have a flavor that is taking names! As you inhale, the exotic flavor of guava will rock your taste buds to the core, leaving behind a succulent candy-like flavor. As you exhale, the tangy honeyed berries fuse together with the guava to make a flavor that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Ruthless Vapor has a vape juice for every occasion, and every mood. With ejuice that fit every personality this brand runs into home base without having to try. Ruthless Vapor allows you to satisfy those deep dark sweet tooth cravings with no added guilt! All of their vape juice have a PG/VG ratio of 70/30 and are available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg and come in 60ml or 120ml. Try your pick of Ruthless Vapor e-juice today!

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