The 5 Most Essential Vaping Accessories for Cigalike Users

If you’re a vaper in the United States, you might think of the Cigalike as essentially a dead product. After all, we lost one of the biggest cigalike makers in V2 Cigs less than a year ago. These days, it seems as though no mainstream e-cigarette is able to withstand the juggernaut that JUUL has become.

What you may not know, though, is that until just recently, the JUUL wasn’t officially available in any nation outside the United States. JUUL has recently begun to expand to other parts of the world, but the product hasn’t really caught fire elsewhere the way it has here. Cigalikes, in fact, have remained entirely relevant products in nations such as the United Kingdom and Australia even though that class of vaping device seems to be on its last legs here. Vaper Empire – a prominent Australian e-cigarette vendor – has kept a cigalike in its product lineup and continues to do good business with it.

Why has the cigalike remained popular in some regions of the world? One reason is physical familiarity. Smokers – particularly older smokers – like the fact that they can switch from smoking to vaping and use a device that feels essentially the same. Another reason is ease of use. The cigalike is a refined, mature and reliable product. There are no surprises when using a cigalike; it works exactly as you expect.

Every day, people all over the world switch from smoking to vaping – and a significant number of them start with cigalikes. There are also many thousands of people who started using cigalikes years ago and have no desire to switch to anything else. If you’ve been using a cigalike for years, chances are that you already have every accessory that you think you could possibly need. If you’re new to vaping, though, you should know that as a mature product, the cigalike has more accessories available than you might imagine. Some of those accessories can enhance your vaping experience in unexpected ways. So, without further ado, we present the most essential vaping accessories that every cigalike user should own.

Portable Battery Charging Case (PCC)

Since they are the smallest vaping devices on the market, it logically follows that cigalikes also have the smallest batteries of any vaping device. A cigalike battery is so small that it may only give you the equivalent of around five cigarettes worth of vaping on a single battery charge. The shorter battery life of a cigalike may mean that you need to carry several spare batteries with you just to get through a full work day. Some people get through the work day by connecting their e-cigarettes to their computers, but that doesn’t exactly foster the most professional image. A portable battery charging case is the perfect alternative, and if your e-cigarette’s manufacturer offers one, you must grab it. A portable battery charging case looks and feels much like a pack of cigarettes, and many people find that comforting. A portable charging case can charge a dead e-cigarette battery several times. Most charging cases also offer storage space for spare cartridges.

Empty Cartridges

Did you know that most of the world’s cigalikes use industry-standard connections rather than proprietary ones? The connections on e-cigarette batteries are identified by alphanumerical terms such as “510” and “KR-808.” If you can find out which type of threading your e-cigarette has, you can buy empty cartridges that’ll work with it – and then you can fill those cartridges with bottled e-liquid. Bottled e-liquid is much cheaper than pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges. It also has a great deal more variety. There are hundreds of different bottled e-liquid flavors in the world today, but no cigalike has more than just a small handful of flavors available. So, live a little. Grab some empty cartridges and a few bottles of e-liquid. You may find that you still prefer your e-cigarette’s pre-filled cartridges, but the experimentation will be fun either way.

Many e-cigarette tanks also work with small miniature tanks called clearomizers. If a clearomizer is available for your e-cigarette, give it a try; you may find that it is much easier to fill than a standard e-cigarette cartridge.

Portable USB Charger

If your e-cigarette’s manufacturer doesn’t offer a portable charging case, you might think that you’re out of luck – but you’re not. Virtually all e-cigarettes charge via USB, and that means you can charge your device with a portable USB charging bank. A USB charging bank is a battery-powered device with at least one USB port. The batteries in USB charging banks are typically quite large, which means that a charging bank can potentially keep your e-cigarette batteries topped up for days or even weeks. A portable USB charger may not be quite as elegant as a portable battery charging case designed for e-cigarettes, but it’s still a great way to keep your batteries charged when you don’t have access to a computer with a USB port. Portable USB chargers can also charge other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

510-to-808 Adapter

If you’re not a fan of filling your own e-cigarette cartridges, there’s still no need to limit yourself to the flavors available from your e-cigarette’s manufacturer. Although a few e-cigarette makers use proprietary threading for their batteries, most manufacturers use the industry-standard 510 and KR-808 threads. With a 510-to-808 adapter, you can make virtually any e-cigarette cartridge on the market work with your device.

Car Charger

If you spend a lot of time on the road – and you’re a cigalike user – you’re going to go through a lot of batteries. After all, there’s not much to do while you’re driving other than listen to the radio and puff on your e-cigarette. You can use a portable USB charger while you’re driving, but it’s much easier to use a USB charger that fits in your car’s cigarette lighter port. To avoid the possibility of an overheating battery, make sure that you only use the cigarette lighter adapter that your e-cigarette’s manufacturer recommends.

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