The VIGGO Pod Vape: Australia’s Answer to JUUL

The VIGGO Pod Vape

Since their introduction in the mid-2010s, pod-based vaping devices have been the top choices for new vapers around the world. Until recently, though, the Australian vaping market hasn’t really had a pod system designed specifically for the needs and tastes of Australian vapers. In the absence of a solution that’s developed for the Australian market and compliant with the rules of the Therapeutic Goods Administration personal importation scheme, Australian vapers who have wanted to try pod systems have largely needed to import products developed for foreign markets – and that’s always an expensive proposition. With VIGGO pod vapes, Australians finally have a pod system designed specifically for them.

So, how does the VIGGO pod vape stack up?

What’s Special About the VIGGO Pod Vape?

The VIGGO pod vape is an extremely stylish product from Vaper Empire, a company that’s been in the cigalike business for years and is now beginning the transition to selling a pod-based system as its primary product. For Australians, one of the biggest draws of the VIGGO e-cigarette is the fact that it’s made and sold by a company that’s set up to serve the Australian market. Vaper Empire already has the distribution chain in place to get vaping products with nicotine to Australia quickly and affordably, unlike the import-export companies that are largely buying products from American distributors and shipping them to Australia at great cost.

These are some of the other features that help to set the VIGGO pod vape apart from the other vape kits you might be considering.

  • The VIGGO pod system has a much larger flavor selection than the average pre-filled vaping device. With the typical pod system, you can expect a tobacco flavor, a menthol flavor and a few sweet flavors at the most. The VIGGO series has such interesting flavors as Flat White Coffee, Orange Crush and Creamy Custard. There are 11 flavors in all at the time of writing.
  • The VIGGO series has a bulk discount available for pods, which can be a real bonus when you want to stock up. With bulk pricing, you essentially get a free pack of pods for every three packs that you buy.
  • The VIGGO series has a much wider selection of accessories available than just about any other pod system on the market. Very few other current devices have carrying cases and manufacturer-approved wall chargers available.
  • The VIGGO pod system is an excellent choice as a first vape kit because, unlike most competing pod systems, it’s available in a variety of different kits with various combinations of pack-in items. That’s in stark contrast to the other pod systems of today, most of which are simply available in kits with or without pods.

How Does the VIGGO Pod Vape Work?

The VIGGO pod system has a visual design that looks a great deal more modern than the first-generation pre-filled pod devices while remaining completely understated and classy. The device draws the eye for all the right reasons, but it won’t attract undue attention when you’re in the mood to vape discreetly. The soft surface feels great in the hand, and the slightly tapered tip makes the pod a perfect fit for the mouth. The VIGGO is really a great piece of engineering.

Compared to first-generation pod systems like the JUUL, the VIGGO is a touch larger. That allows it to offer greater battery life, more e-liquid storage superior vapor cloud production. The battery has a capacity of 400 mAh, which is double that of the JUUL. A VIGGO pod contains 1.8 ml of e-liquid, which is more than 2.5 times the capacity of a JUUL pod.

If you’ve examined the specifications of the various vaping devices on the market, you may have noticed that the VIGGO system’s 3% nicotine concentration is a bit lower than the 5% nicotine strength of JUUL pods. That doesn’t make VIGGO a less satisfying vaping system; the total nicotine that you’ll get from vaping will be roughly the same because the VIGGO pod system produces much larger clouds. The benefit of the lower nicotine concentration is that the VIGGO system gives you a much smoother vaping experience with a throat hit that, while still assertive, is much easier on the throat.

A final important feature of the VIGGO pod vape is that it’s one of the only pre-filled pod systems that has nicotine-free pods available. That’s owing in part to the unique legal situation surrounding vaping in Australia. The only legal way to buy e-liquid with nicotine in Australia is by obtaining a prescription and then getting the e-liquid from a pharmacy or having it shipped from abroad. The nicotine-free option makes it possible for people to use the VIGGO system even if they don’t want to go through the trouble of obtaining prescriptions. Even if you do have a nicotine prescription, though, being a VIGGO user means that you can reduce your nicotine intake if you like without buying an entirely new vaping device.

What Does VIGGO Offer Compared to a Cigalike?

If you’ve spent any time looking at the e-cigarettes that are available for beginning vapers, you’ve undoubtedly seen plenty of the cigarette-shaped vaping devices called “cigalikes.” Before pod systems hit the market, cigalikes unquestionably ruled the beginners’ segment of the vaping market. Today, though, pod systems like the VIGGO are at least as popular as cigalikes – if not more so. Here’s how they compare.

  • Like most pod-based systems, VIGGO uses nicotine salt e-liquid. Nicotine salt has a lower pH than the freebase nicotine that cigalikes use, and that means it can have a very high concentration of nicotine without irritating the throat. The VIGGO pod vape delivers nicotine more efficiently than a cigalike, and that means it’ll give you a more satisfying vaping experience.
  • The VIGGO system offers drastically more battery life and e-liquid storage than a cigalike.
  • The VIGGO device doesn’t look anything like a tobacco cigarette, and there’s no chance that anyone will ever mistake it for a cigarette. Therefore, you may find it easier to vape discreetly with the VIGGO when you don’t want to attract attention.

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