Are you a regular vaper interested in taking your nicotine experience to a new level? Then your best option will be subscribing to Vapebox subscription packages.

Each month, Vapebox comes out with unique e-juices, accessories, hardware’s and products that will surprise your taste bud and unique flavors that are different from those offered from premium e-liquid companies.

When you subscribe to any of the five monthly packages, Vapebox sends your premium vape juice and other accompanying products to your mailbox monthly. One beautiful thing about Vapebox subscription packages is that they are specifically customized and tailored to your pallet and subscription plan.

The company takes time to curate each box based on the flavor you choose, at present, there are 11 flavors to choose from which includes Candy, Fruits, Cereal, Creams, Bakery, Custards, Tea, Menthol, Yogurt, Coffee, and Tobacco.

Vapebox Subscription Packages

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There are 5 different packages to choose from, and they include:

Sampler Plan: Starting at $20 per month, the sampler plan is the cheapest vape box subscription plan; it consists of a total of 90ml of e-juice that comes in three 30ml bottles. When you choose the sampler plan, you are given an option of selecting at least 3 flavors and picking your nicotine level which ranges from 0mg, 3 mg (Low), 6 mg (Medium), and 6+ mg (High),

Juice Lovers: Juice Lovers is strictly an e-juice package. With just $32 per month, you will have access to four 30 ml bottles one of which is an all-glass with child-proof caps, and different dropper styles. Juice lovers also contain four different e-liquid which include Maui Waui by Smoozie, Mango Salt Nic by CRFT, Churros by the Milkman and Lemon Cheesecake by Salt King.

Enthusiast: Enthusiast is the most popular vape box package. Starting at $60 per month, it includes 210 ml of e-juice that comes in a variation of three 60ml bottles, and a single 30ml bottle.  It also gives you an option to choose a tank and mod for the juices. The Nicotine strength for each of the flavors ranges 0 mg, 3 mg (Low), 6 mg (Medium), and 6+ mg (High). Some of the e-juices included in the kit include:

  • Apple by Reds which is a high VG e-juice that is powerful, sugary aroma.
  • Blueberry Pomegranate which is a mix of blueberries and pomegranates and a high VG e-juice.
  • Flowerdale which includes a mix of strawberry, coconut, and watermelon and
  • Cookie Butter is one of the best e-juice collections.

Salt Nicotine: Starting at $35 per month, Salt Nicotine Subscription offers a nicotine salt e-juice and also has the option of coming with a special pod device. The total quantity of the e-juice is 90ml. You can also choose your nicotine level between 20 – 49 mg (Low) and 50+ mg (High)

Salt Nicotine Plus Plan:  Starting at $59 per month, the Salt Nicotine Plus Plan is a new plan that combines 4 salt nicotine products which include salt nic, e-juices, devices, pods, disposables etc. When you choose the Salt Nicotine Plus Plan, you are given an option of selecting at least 3 flavours for optimal curation. You can also choose your nicotine strength from 20 – 49 mg (Low) to 50+ mg (High).

Finally, the Vapebox subscription packages are perfect for vapers who want to enjoy new products, accessories, hardware and e-juice on a monthly basis. Remember that the Vapebox subscription plans are specifically tailored and curated by flavour experts to meet your preferences.

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