Which is a Good Weed, and Which is Bad: How to Differentiate?

Which is a Good Weed

The legal status of weed is pretty ambiguous in the United States of America. In states like Colorado or California, cannabis is entirely legal and is easily accessible as well from a licensed dispensary. In these states, the competition level is pretty fierce for selling marijuana.

However, all other states aren’t that fortunate. There are certain states where weed is illegal or where you would need an MMJ card for buying it. It could sometimes mean buying marijuana from a dealer in the black market. It could not only risk arrest but also expose you to low-grade weed sold at high prices.

Therefore, it is understood that only an experienced user will be able to figure out which weed between good and bad quality. If you are in a situation where you have to buy weed but having trouble differentiating between the good and bad, we are here to help. This article could also be useful to those who wish to increase their knowledge of marijuana.

Certain steps could help you stop the excellent quality weed, or at least avoid the ones that are bad in quality. Let’s look at them below.

The ‘Shelf’ System –

This step is meant for those individuals who are planning on purchasing weed from a licensed dispensary. The employees of these dispensaries may not rip you off, but it can never hurt to understand the various grades of marijuana. Inside a standard dispensary, you will find three distinct shelves.

The weed that’s placed on top of the shelf is usually the highest in quality. These buds would also have the highest amount of THC, which would often be around 22%. They are also grown with the utmost care and dried to perfection.

The top-shelf weed is not only meant to offer an exceptional high but also a splendid aroma and taste.

The marijuana available in the centre shelf, also called ‘mids’, would be the average ones. They aren’t exceptional but can do the job decently for individuals who haven’t developed a high tolerance. The cannabis present on the top shelf would be extremely expensive, but mids are usually available at a reasonable price.

The marijuana found in the bottom shelf is usually the least potent and cheapest one. It may even contain leftover clippings from other strains, or a few broken prices of bugs that’s typically visible in the bottom of the jars.

The cannabis found in the bottom shelf may not have a great psychoactive impact. They can be appropriate for beginners, but not ideal for intermediates and experts. You might even feel like it’s a waste of hard-earned cash.

Seed and Stem Count –

It takes a lot of effort and acre to grow the perfect marijuana buds. And one of the indicators would be the seed and stem count. When you buy weed from the streets, you will notice that they are full of seeds and stems.

Seeds aren’t good because they can explode when you burn them. Seeds are also known to destroy the rest of the weed. Therefore, it is best to avoid buds that appear to be loaded with stems and seeds, unless you are getting it at a very low price.

Taste and Aroma –

When marijuana is grown and cured with care, it will have an unmistakable taste and smell of glorious musk. Therefore, you should look for weed that has the “marijuana musk” smell. It will indicate that the buds have decent terpene content and are fresh. Bad weed will not have any cannabis scent, and sometimes it might even smell like something that is no way close to the pot.

It is important to note that buds that have the smell of freshly cut hay or grass weren’t grown, dried, or cured properly.

Another indicator would be the shade of green. The shades might vary significantly, but the quality buds will have a hint of purple or blue, indicating the presence of anthocyanin. If the buds appear to be tan, brown, red, or yellow, you shouldn’t be buying it.

Trichome Count –

In order to understand the trichome count, you will require a magnifying glass. High-quality marijuana is known for having buds that have an abundance of trichomes. It is essential because trichomes contain cannabinoids and terpenes that offer the taste, smell, and medicinal benefit.

Cannabis should be harvested when the trichomes appear to be milky white in colour. When kept under a magnifying glass, it would look like tiny bright mushrooms.

If you see that the trichomes are underdeveloped, it means that the plant was harvested before it was ripe. Therefore, you should be avoiding it. If the colour of the trichome is amber, it means that the plant was harvested very late, meaning that it contains high levels of CBN.

Bud Trim and Structure –

It may not be the case all the time, but the excellent quality indica buds are known to be dense, fat, and tightly packed. Sativa buds are known to be little leaner, wispier, and airier. Hybrid strains would be strains from sativa and indica plants. Hence their appearance would be a mixture all both the descriptions.

Therefore, you should look at the appearance of the structure and trim of the buds before buying them.

Nowadays, you can also purchase quality weed online. If you want to have it delivered to your doorstep, try out weedcenter.org. It is one of the highly reliable stores selling marijuana online.

Closing Thoughts

You should never underestimate the impact of low-grade weed could have on your body. It could be terrible for your throat, sometimes even worse than tobacco. Therefore, follow these steps to stay away from bad weed and spot the best ones available in the market.

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