7 Benefits Of Combining CBD and Magic Mushroom

Benefits Of Combining CBD and Magic Mushroom

Magic Mushrooms and cannabis are two popular natural supplements that produce a euphoric effect when consumed. Combining them can intensify the pleasant and mind-altering experience these drugs give. The chemical compounds in cannabis can alter the psilocybin in mushrooms to provide positive outcomes. There seem to be substantial positive outcomes in combining these plant herbs.

Let’s first understand what these substances are before we know the benefits of combining Mushroom and CBD.

Magic Mushroom

Magic mushrooms or shrooms are a group of fungi that comprise psychoactive components psilocybin and psilocin. These active agents are the reason behind the mind-altering and euphoric effects in the user. The users of magic mushrooms start feeling its impact within 20 minutes and can last up to a maximum of 3 days.


Benefits Of Combining CBD and Magic Mushroom

Cannabidiol is one of the main constituents in the marijuana plant, apart from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the component that causes the euphoric effect in people, whereas CBD is non-intoxicating in nature. This non-psychoactive quality of CBD makes it suitable for various physical and mental health benefits.

Mixing Shrooms and Cannabis

The after-effects of taking cannabis and shrooms combined is an intensified version of intriguing visuals and emotions. Cannabidiol can help treat ailments like pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other disorders, whereas shrooms can also treat similar disorders like anxiety, nausea, and pain in cancer patients. When consumed in moderation, both plant-based products have hardly any adverse-effects, making them a better option than other over-the-counter medications.

Keep reading to know the various enhanced benefits these two ingredients have to offer when combined.

1. Reduces Anxiety

Benefits Of Combining CBD and Magic Mushroom

Anxiety and depression have become a part of our daily lifestyle and takes a considerable toll on mental as well as physical health. Overthinking and negative thoughts can lead to chronic anxiety, which eventually starts affecting people’s day-to-day activities.

Magic mushrooms and CBD can act as antidepressants. The psilocybin in mushrooms influences the brain to affect the serotonin levels. It binds with the serotonin receptors to subdue negative thoughts.

On the other hand, CBD exhibits an anxiolytic effect that reduces the stress levels in the user. It also acts on the brain to regulate how the brain chemicals respond to serotonin levels. There are many ways of taking CBD like CBD oil, tinctures, and CBD edibles, of which the most popular one is CBD gummies.

Thus, combining CBD and mushrooms can help enhance positive feelings, control mood swings leading to better mental health by slowing down anxiety triggers.

2. Improves Concentration

Mushrooms and CBD can work together to enhance the concentration and focus level of a person. Anecdotal accounts show that consuming mushrooms can help boost memory, grasp better and faster, leading to improved performance at exams and work. Additionally, magic mushrooms effects can also reconstruct a person’s imagination, feelings, and open-mindedness.

CBD also gives similar results by increasing the production of the body’s natural endocannabinoids providing improved brain functionality. Both CBD and psilocybin help decrease the stress levels, which also contribute to enhanced memory and focus. They also help in developing the intensity of conceptual thinking.

Thus, combining mushrooms and CBD can be beneficial in increasing the concentration levels in people.

3. Improve Gut health

Poor digestive health is a result of inadequate water intake, stress, eating a lot of junk food, and sleeping disorder. The problems with gut health start with a stomach ache, which then leads to headaches and affects various other organs.

Mushrooms contain an abundance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities that help in healing the gut. As per a journal, mushrooms can start bile creation in the stomach for smooth digestion.

CBD also is anti-inflammatory in nature that can treat digestive issues and Irritable Bowel diseases. Therefore, combining mushrooms and CBD can deliver powerful benefits to gut health, improve appetite, and protect the digestive system from harmful bacteria.

4. Reduces Fatigue

Fatigue happens due to a lack of sleep and improper eating habits. As per an article, the women’s team who took mushrooms daily before their big event showed a hike in their energy levels. It increased their workout levels, strength, and stamina. Daily consumption of fungi can also help in building healthy bone structure.

Mixing CBD with mushrooms can help reduce muscle soreness. A journal suggests that CBD can fight fatigue by inducing muscle relaxation and aids in fast recovery.

Thus, combining magic mushroom and CBD helps a person feel energized and refreshed to take on the next day.

5. Stimulates Growth Of New Brain Cells

Mushrooms and CBD both help in neurogenesis. Individual studies on both substances have proved their potential in the growth of new brain cells. A PubMed article reveals that psilocybin, the active compound in mushrooms, can promote the growth of new neurons and regeneration.

Similarly, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors to activate the CB1 receptors, stimulating new brain cells.

Both mushrooms and CBD combined will enhance cognitive skills, neuronal plasticity, and heal neurodegenerative disorders.

6. Boosts Immunity

Mushrooms can stimulate cell immunity in humans. As per an article, they possess beta-glucans that are absent in humans. When these beta-glucans come into contact with human cells, they ignite the human body’s immune system. Mushrooms are also a rich source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants, which protect the tissues and cells from any damage.

Another recent study also revealed that mushrooms prevent tumor spread and combat cancer.

Cannabidiol also has a similar impact on the human body due to its strong antioxidative properties. It reduces oxidative stress and gives relief from pain.

A blend of shrooms and CBD can give enhanced immunity, lessen pain, and reduce side-effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients.

7. Combats Addiction

Benefits Of Combining CBD and Magic Mushroom

Repeated use of drugs or cravings for a substance leading to significant distress is a sign of drug addiction. The psilocybe cyanescens in magic truffles has a positive influence on curing alcohol dependence. An experiment was conducted on ten patients suffering from alcohol addiction wherein the researchers ingested a dose of psilocybin for four weeks into the patients. After four weeks, the researchers found a significant decrease in alcohol consumption in the patients. Thus, the magic mushroom has anti-addictive effects on people with an addiction problem.

Similarly, a 2015 review shows that CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system to provide relief from the addictive urges. It can prevent relapses in drug and alcohol addicts.

Thus, combining magic mushroom and CBD can provide long-lasting benefits in fighting substance addiction.


The combination of magic mushroom and CBD has positive effects on a person’s physical and mental health. Consuming it in a defined dosage will let you enjoy their benefits without any side-effects. However, one must always consult a doctor before trying on these drugs to understand the suitable dosages.

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