Augvape Occula RDA Tank Review

Are you a pro to BIG COILS, BIG DECKS, and BIG FLAVOR, the Augvape Occula RDA is unquestionably worth a look? Why? It has an enormous deck and is the brainchild of coil producer Twisted Messes… For awful loops, the Augvape Occula RDA won’t obviously work. I took in this the most difficult way possible. So as to get the most extreme exhibition from this rebuildable atomizer, you need brilliant loops – and the greater the better. When you have a sizable pair of coils introduced and it’s fiendish effectively, the Augvape Occula RDA truly makes its mark. You’ll require an incredible vape mod to run it, however; anything underneath 100W barely even registers. In a perfect world, you shake it around 120W. Here, it performs like a beast.

A Complete Guide to Augvape Occula RDA

Clearly, this won’t be to everyone’s preferences. I realize it isn’t my standard sack, however, it was certainly pleasant to use for half a month. I’m to a greater extent a flavor-chaser, so I wouldn’t fret utilizing single loop RDAs at lower wattages, yet shaking this mammoth for some time was unquestionably a pleasant difference in pace. In the event that you like vaping at madly high wattages, enormous mists, and respectable flavor, the Augvape Occula RDA comes very suggested. What’s more, at just $39.99, it’s less expensive than a ton of other “execution RDAs”. Perfect, in case you’re the sort of vaper that likes to have one uber incredible RDA in their turn.

Augvape Occula RDA

Made by TwistedMesses, the Augvape Occula RDA is a genuinely modern looking RDA. Mine’s dark, anyhow I think I lean toward the silver variation. Strangely, the Augvape Occula RDA does not accompany any loops in the case; bizarre, on the grounds that the buddy that structured it is an outstanding coil manufacturer. Besides this, the Augvape Occula RDA is a professional atomizer. It’s moderately little (24mm) and generally harmless. You have a barely there logo as an afterthought and a double three-space wind stream on either side of the tank. Furthermore, that is about it for physical styling.

The 810 wide bore trickle tip it accompanies is extremely squat, more so than I typically like. I additionally don’t care for the gold ring on it; it makes the RDA look shabby. You have full help for squonking with an included squonk stick, just as the typical bits and sways (o-rings, hex Allen key). Once more, the RDA looks much better in silver; my survey unit was dark and the distinction (which means: feel) is like someone flipped a switch. The silver unit is 100% the one to go for it looks are significant. It just looks far progressively premium.

The Deck

Augvape Occula RDA Tank Review

The deck is the superstar here. It’s enormous. It additionally includes probably the best braces I’ve gone over all year. Everything about this deck can be summed up in a single word: enormous! From the screw heads to the posts, everything is mega huge. The measure of the deck implies you can introduce HUGE loops in this RDA. Bracing them down and introducing them is a snap, on account of Augvape’s anything but difficult to-utilize cinch framework. Furthermore, this makes the Augvape Occula RDA a strong decision for individuals that like messing around with extraordinary forms.


The Augvape Occula RDA is a BF squonk RDA; on the other hand, it is an extremely skilled dripper also. You have a 5mm squeeze well to play with and huge amounts of space for your wick. You can dribble straight down the trickle tip without such a large number of issues; however, it will leak through the AFC on the off chance that you go over the edge. Generally speaking, the deck is exceptionally amazing. It’s enormous, it’s anything but difficult to work with, and you have space for a wide range of fabricates. The clasps are epic, once more, with heaps of space for your leads. Furthermore, on account of the AFC, you can run it in single coil mode, well It wouldn’t be trouble – it needs both flavor and execution.

How to use?

Like a splitting reactor! As noted before: the Augvape Occula RDA is about power. It requests huge coils. It needs high wattages. Consequently, it won’t be for all preferences. On the off chance that you favor vaping around 60-80W, the Augvape Occula RDA isn’t for you… I more often than not vape around the 80W imprint, so pushing 130W to get the Augvape Occula RDA lit-up was a significant encounter. You get a ton of flavor, a great deal of warmth, and a ton of mists. In any case, for me this isn’t constantly perfect; it flushes your mod’s battery life, and it consumes vape squeeze too rapidly.

Flavorful taste:

The flavor is superb, however, when you locate the sweet spot – around 120-150W. On the off chance that you can deal with this dimension of intensity, and you wouldn’t fret the negatives that accompany it, the Augvape Occula RDA is one of the least expensive “control RDAs” available at the present time. Simply be cautioned, however: it just has one speed – firm. Setting up the Augvape Occula RDA for squonking is straightforward as well. Expel the 510 stick, at that point and swap it for the squonk stick. It takes around 10 seconds. With respect to the execution, it’s not too bad enough, however, I do incline toward Augvape’s BTFC RDA (for looks, execution, and by and large flavor).

Why Get This RDA?

Extreme call. From one viewpoint, I do truly like this RDA. It’s about power – and this is extraordinary. You can introduce extraordinary forms and redefine known limits, making enormous, enhance stuffed mists all the while. What’s more, this is all incredible, insofar as that is what you need? For my preferences, it’s excessively. That is the reason I incline toward the BTFC RDA; it’s upbeat at lower wattages, and it conveys better flavor. I likewise favor the way the BTFC RDA looks. Once more, however, they’re two altogether different RDAs. The Augvape Occula RDA is about power and very little else.

The Occula RDA is generally shoddy however, and this joined with its blazing nature will blow some people’s minds, particularly among vapers searching for something that can deal with masses of intensity and super-huge forms. On the off chance that that is you, the Augvape Occula RDA is definitely justified even despite a look. I incline toward Augvape’s BTFC RDA over the Occula RDA. It’s more my style. I like being able to go high-wattage with my RDAs, yet what I don’t care for is the point at which that is everything it can– I like to chill once in a while. What’s more, the Augvape Occula RDA does not know the significance of the word chill.

It loves a certain something and one thing just: enormous ass coils and loads of intensity.

You can find out more Augvape’s official website.

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