Be A Smart Buyer – Decoding The Quality Of Marijuana

Even as marijuana becomes legal in the country and is easily available now, you need to be extra smart while taking your picks. Whether you buy for medical or recreational purposes, you have to prioritize quality over everything else. But it is often easier said than done, more so if you are just a beginner. When it comes to buying the flower, things can get challenging even for seasoned stoners. While there isn’t a proven formula for defining the quality specifications of marijuana, some guidelines can help you decode it and spend only on worthwhile products. Here are the ones you should follow if you want to be a smart buyer.

Use common sense

Shopping is all about using common sense, whether you are buying groceries or marijuana. The look, feel, and aroma tell a lot about the quality of weed. High-quality flowers will always smell strong and pleasant, while the buds will look fresh and healthy. The bud should feel spongy, and stems should snap when you crack them. Poor quality flowers do not smell fresh, feel dusty, and buds may be wet to the touch. As long as you use your senses, you need not worry much about assessing the quality.

Buy only from a trusted dispensary

Nothing is more important than buying from a trusted dispensary because it is an assurance that you will get only the best products. If you are a beginner, a Google search by typing marijuana dispensary near me is the best way to start. You can also ask around for recommendations and read the online reviews of real buyers. It will help you to learn more about the reputation and credibility of the dispensary. Check product range and find about cultivation methods because sustainable ones ensure high quality.

Learn to read labels

Once you are at a dispensary, your awareness about the texture, feel, and texture would help you spot top quality in marijuana. But you should also learn to read labels to understand the formulation (in terms of CBD to THC ratio), harvest date, and recommended dosage. Checking the harvest and packaging date is vital because the flower tends to lose its potency over time. It is best to opt for fresh products because marijuana loses most of the terpenes within six months. CBD and THC ratios are also important because higher THC values make you high.

Keep experimenting

After nailing a trustworthy dispensary, you can be sure about product quality. It is the right time to start experimenting with marijuana strains and products because experience matters the most to stoners. Maintain a journal covering every strain you try, recording the effects, timing, and other details about the experience. Discuss your expectations with the budtender, and they will have the best recommendations for you.

Decoding the quality of marijuana is easier than you imagine, and it is a skill you should learn over time. It helps you spend your money only on the right products so that you get real value in the form of the best experience.

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