7 Things You Should Never Say To A Vaper

Things You Should Never Say To A Vaper

Cannabis legalization seems to be at a peak in several regions. Due to this, most of the smokers are turning to the vape world. Not only does it provide a safer experience, but it also provides the perfect blend of flavor. However, vapers are often subject to weird questions and reactions from the people around them. Owing to the misconceptions and half-knowledge related to vaping, people tend to express exclamations of disgust. You might go through constant interrogations regarding the explosion and safety measures of the vape pen along with this.

Here are the top things you must refrain from saying to your vaper friend for a smooth relationship.

“Do You Know The Vape Pen Might Explode?”

Almost every vape enthusiast gets to listen to the explosion related questions at least once in the lifetime. Most people believe that the vape pen undergoes combustion as soon as you look at it. However, the reality is far from the misconceptions that the non-vapers dwell over. Vape pens function on batteries crafted out of lithium. Due to mismanagement of the batteries, the vape pens might explore in rare scenarios. All you need to do is prevent overheating and monitor the device while charging it. Along with this, try to follow the instructions mentioned in the manual.

In case you believe that the vape pens are prone to explosion, then it’s about time that you learn the right facts. That way, you wouldn’t frustrate your vaper friend the next time you ask him about the vape pen combustion.

“I Thought You Quit Smoking”

If you’re a vaper, you often get to hear this statement from many people. Even after the legalization of cannabis worldwide, many people believe smoking and vaping to be the same thing. Traditional smoking generates a variety of toxic gases and leads to the accumulation of tar in your lungs. However, using bongs or vapes is free from toxic gases and only contributes to nicotine consumption. You must research and get to know the facts before asking a vaper to quit vaping. Another difference between the two lies in the usage of concentrates and e-juices. Smoking doesn’t require any e-juice or safe and effective CBD pills. Whereas, vape pens contain atomizers that burn the concentrates and help you achieve an appealing high. Make sure to learn about the vaping technique and effects before questioning the stoners around you.

“It’s Worse Than Smoking”

Before you judge the safety of either smoking or vaping, you must question your knowledge. Also, try to find out the right information about the two techniques before interrogating the vapers. Research suggests that smoking is much more harmful than vaping due to a variety of reasons. It burns the tobacco present in the cigarettes and makes way for toxic gases in your system. Along with this, the combustion processes cause a significant amount of tar to accumulate in your lungs. However, vaping utilizes the e-juices to create vapors for your gratification. It instills some amount of nicotine in your body and doesn’t contribute to tar or harmful gases.

Considering all these facts, vaping appears to be much safer than smoking. Also, some chain smokers utilize the benefits of vaping to quit smoking in the long run.

“Vaping Is So Expensive”

Things You Should Never Say To A Vaper


Another common misconception amongst the non-vapers is the expensive nature of vaping. Many people believe vaping to be much more expensive than traditional smoking and other related habits. However, the actual expense lies in the initial days only. All you need is a vape pen and reliable atomizers to start your vaping journey. Unlike traditional smoking, you don’t need to get a new vape pen every time you feel vaping. Just fetch some flavored e-juices and replace the battery as and when required. Along with this, the vape pen lasts for a long duration and helps you save some extra bucks.

Vaping is almost equivalent to smoking, if not lesser, when it comes to the financial aspects. Try to get yourself some trusted and branded vape pens to minimize maintenance costs. Also, experiment with the types of vapes, namely concentrate or dry herb vaporizers.

“You don’t know what chemicals it contains.”

Things You Should Never Say To A Vaper


Instead of doubting your vaper friend about his knowledge in the chemical compositions, you need to update your facts. Vape juice contains far fewer chemicals than smoking variants. It also allows you to see what you might end up consuming with the ingredients label on the e-juice. Smoking enables your body to interact with some toxic chemicals like tar, lead, and ammonia. Other than this, you end up consuming a lot of tar, radioactive elements, and formaldehyde. Unlike this, vaping generates only some vapors and a little bit of nicotine. Also, it’s far safer than cigarettes and doesn’t cause pulmonary diseases in the long run.

“Does that taste good?”

Another stupid question that vapers listen to all the time is about the taste of vaping. Most of the people tend to doubt the flavors and potencies of vape liquids. Vaping revolves around the usage of e-juices and concentrates that belong to several flavors. Also, the atomizers enhance the flavors of the liquids and provide a gratifying experience to the vapers. You must research or try vaping on your own before questioning other vapers about such weird things. With more than 400 flavors of the e-liquids, vaping does instill the perfect blend of flavors and aroma.

“You’ll get addicted to it.”

In case you think vaping is much more addictive than smoking, you must learn more about it. Unlike traditional smoking, vaping doesn’t acquaint yourself with harmful fumes and tar. Also, research suggests that vaping is far less addictive than smoking and might help you quit. Many vapers utilize the non-nicotine blends to stay safe and quit the habit in the long run. You must research the vaping techniques and concentrates before throwing such illogical facts on the vapers around.

Final Words

Vaping comes with many myths and misconceptions amongst the common people. If you’re a vaper, you are likely to come across some illogical and irritating questions. The root cause of such misconceptions lies in the limited knowledge regarding vaping. Some people question vaping safety, while others regard vape juices to be more addictive than cigarettes. Almost every stupid question is likely to make a vaper furious and disturb their mental state. Hence, try to research and find out more about vaping before shooting such interrogations on your stoner friend. That way, you can clear your doubts without pestering the potheads around you.

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