Vaping and Driving in Dubai – Things to know

Staying in Dubai requires you to follow some essential rules and regulations. Especially when it comes to driving rules in the UAE, there are a few crucial things that you must know beforehand. Even if you are planning a holiday in the UAE or probably considering employment opportunities there, as long as you are there, your actions must Respect the country’s values and laws to make your stay comfortable and safe. Apart from forbidden drinking and driving, rigorous drug and medication laws, and safe driving requirements, smoking or vaping while driving in Dubai and UAE is strictly prohibited. 

A vaper operating a vehicle is subject to the existing laws relating to careless driving.

Consuming electronic cigarette in Dubai, commonly known as vaping, creates an aerosol or a vapor made of particulate matter. The smoke mostly contains glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, flavors, and other toxicants. The exact composition may vary, depending on user behavior and other factors.

This vapor blocks the area of observation while driving, which is potentially dangerous.

The reasons behind vaping being illegal or harmful while driving can be seen in the following aspects :

  1. The Windshield obstruction: There are specific laws about the visibility and condition of your vehicle’s windshields. These laws ensure safety standards, like working wipers and clear vision through windshields. The Electronic Cigarettes Vapor potentially being non-transparent material obscures vision.
  1. Harmful with kids: Electronic cigarettes come under the category of tobacco products, which should be kept away from kids. While driving with children, if a Vapor is present in a vehicle, it increases the chance of reckless driving and affects the child.
  1. Chances of careless and Reckless driving: Careless driving, by all means, is a serious traffic offense that is punishable everywhere, either by fines or driver license point systems. If a vapor is trying to fill a vape tank, or the cloud is chasing to obscure the view while driving, it eventually will lead to careless driving. Vaping becomes a source of distraction, which increases the risk of a crash. On the other hand, if the driver is found guilty of driving recklessly, that is, it may lead to serious criminal charges with the intent to harm a person or property. Most often, reckless driving charges are filed for excessive speeding. In either case, some criteria can be easily applied to vaping and driving under extreme circumstances. Speeding in a vehicle that is clouded by a vapor is likely to be involved in an accident.
  1. Types of distraction: If you are vaping while driving, you are likely to be affected by three types of distraction.

a) Visual distraction: This type of distraction occurs when a driver cannot see objects or events, impairing his observation on the road.

b) Cognitive distraction: When the driver’s thoughts are elsewhere, it is considered a mental distraction from being careful while driving.

c) Biomechanical distraction: When a driver is involved in some other physical activity and driving, it causes distraction to the driver’s skills.

By looking for a vaping device or inhaling, a driver is likely to be distracted physically and mentally.

For your safety and peaceful environment on the roads while driving e-cigarettes are entirely forbidden in Dubai and the UAE;

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