California And Weed Tourism – Follow These Rules to Stay Safe

With weed becoming legal in California, tourism in the state has seen a massive boom. There is an incredible range of products just waiting for you to try. But you need to know certain rules to handle weed in transit, whether you are here as a tourist or are a resident commuting back home after a dispensary trip. Following these rules is vital to be on the right side of the law and have the best experiences with your favorites. Here are the regulations that you must abide by for staying safe.

Follow the possession limits

Like any other state with legal cannabis, California also has possession limits for the users. Adults are allowed to possess or carry 1 ounce of flower or eight grams of concentrates such as oil, dabs, or hash at a time. Sticking to these possession limits is not a choice, whether you are a resident or tourist. Make sure that you do not exceed them even if you are looking to buy in bulk. Carrying any more is risky as it exposes you to a misdemeanor, fines, and even jail time.

Keep the weed stashed away while driving

In California, you can drive with weed in your car as long as the package is unopened. If you have an open or unsealed package, store it securely in your car’s trunk. When you are on a road trip, you need to make sure that the jar is not accessible to the driver as well as the passengers. If you are apprehended with a stash around, you can get into trouble with the authorities.

Buy only from a trusted dispensary

This is a rule that would apply everywhere, in California, any other state, and even back in your hometown. Buy only from a trusted dispensary that offers quality products at the best prices. You also have the option to order online at a dispensary in Sacramento and have the product delivered at your accommodation. Opt for a hotel that allows cannabis smokers so that you can enjoy a pleasant trip.

Smoke judiciously in public

The state has some regulations on smoking in public, so you need to choose judiciously. Consider opting for discreet alternatives such as edibles and tinctures if you do not want to get attention for the wrong reasons. Even if you want to smoke, be conscious of the surroundings, and avoid doing it near families and children. Watch out for signs and avoid smoking at places where it is not allowed.

Know your rights

While you need to follow all the rules and laws on your California trip, you have certain rights too, and knowing them helps. A cop may stop you on the street because of the odor but they cannot use it to justify a search. However, you cannot steer clear of trouble if you are intimated with a joint in your hand. It clearly indicates that you are smoking weed in public.

When you are traveling to another state, it always makes sense to go the extra mile with the rules. After all, the last thing you would want to encounter on a holiday or even a business trip is legal trouble.

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