Disposable Brand Review – Esco Bars

Esco Bars brand is aiming to make disposable vapes to be the simplest thing you’ll ever pick up to vape. No airflow control, refilling, recharging, or on/off switch. You take it, put the thin end in your mouth, and exhale. Recall breathing out. Here are what I find from Esco Bars disposable brand. These flavors are what I vape daily most.

Peach Pineapple Esco Bars MEGA

Compared to most other flavors, this flavor variety is more sophisticated. Esco Bars choose innovatively and carefully considered flavor profiles and blends for their whole product line. Not that other manufacturer doesn’t offer similarly nuanced choices, but many will only add one or two potent flavors that dominate the blend. There are many excellent flavors available, but few that taste as though all the stages of a solid hit were taken into account and addressed.

Esco Bar Mega is one of the longest-lasting disposables because it has 14ml of e-juice and can last up to 5000 puffs. This creative and durable vape features a particularly excellent flavor and a rechargeable battery so you can get the most e-juice out of your throwaway. Everyone cherished this flavor. It consists solely of pineapple and peach, with a few other flavors and ice added for good measure. The majorities are subpar or ought to have been termed pineapple or peach instead. Esco Bars Peach Pineapple didn’t turn out to be the overwhelming pineapple blend I had anticipated.

Strawberry Ice Esco Bars Mesh

The second disposable vape that has to bring home from Official Brand Site – Escobarflavors.com is Strawberry Ice Esco Bars Mesh. Finding an authentic flavor that doesn’t taste like artificial flavoring is something constantly searching for. Everyone definitely loves Strawberry Ice! You will get real strawberries flavor. Ice is present, but it is mixed in exactly where it belongs and under the flavor. The mint gives the flavor profile a slight pop and gives the exhale a hint of ice. You could vape all day long because the flavors are not overpowering. It’s as if they reach your vape desire. It continues for hours without the flavors dominating or detracting from any vaping experience. A short while after you were done vaping, you could only taste the Strawberry Ice. You wish to find and vape more Strawberry because of the pleasant aftertaste.

Each disposable had a fascinating and manageable first puff. You inhale the delicious vapor as you take in a variety of substances and flavors at once. The nuances and flavors on the exhale are also excellent. If they say there is ice, it actually is icy. Otherwise, it is not.

Blueberry Esco Bars H20 2500 Puffs

Esco Bars H20 is designed like a flagon by Pastel Cartels. It does now have drying effects when inhaling. Moreover, it delivers a silky and smooth flavor that leaves more flavors to taste. This blueberry savor is refreshing with a piece of fruity sweetness. I love this blueberry and disposable vape combination to bloom on my taste bud. The brand makes it exquisite. Also, there is only a slight sweetness on the exhale and a slight throat coldness. In short, the H20 blueberry flavor from the Esco Bars brand lineup performs admirably in each vaping puff and vape session.

Take Away

Esco bars brand is excellent in launching disposable vapes with tasty flavors. The products are well-made, having incredible tastes that would appeal to more discerning vapers. They are also a device for beginners who are not familiar with chargers or airflow. When you hope to enjoy the flavors but wish the device itself had a few more features, Esco Bars brand is your perfect choice.

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