From Ex-Smoker to Cloud Chaser: The Evolution of a Vaper

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Vaping has become so popular that you can meet people vaping on the street in practically every city of any significant size – and very, very commonly, the people you meet will be using box mods and blowing enormous clouds. If you’re a new vaper using your first vape pen, you might have trouble imagining a future in which you use such a large vaping device – but if you follow the same evolutionary path that most vapers follow, you will almost certainly upgrade to a larger vaping device one day when your tastes begin to change.

How can we be so certain? Join us on this preview of what the next few years of your life as a vaper will look like.

As a New Vaper, You Still Crave Tobacco

When you’re buying your first vaping device, the best choice you can make is to buy a small vape pen or pod system. The slight air resistance of a small vaping device is ideal for a newly converted smoker because when you switch to vaping, you’ll want to inhale from your mouth to your lungs as you did when you still smoked. The other reason why a smaller vaping device is ideal is because smaller vaping devices naturally work best with higher-nicotine e-liquids. A higher-nicotine e-liquid combined with a mouth-to-lung inhaling style produces throat hit – that slightly irritating but very satisfying feeling that you get in your throat when you inhale nicotine.

Let’s be honest. If you’ve only been vaping for a few weeks or months, you probably still miss your old cigarettes once in a while. When you take a good rip from your vape pen and feel that nice, strong throat hit, you remember how much better vaping is – and some time passes before you think about cigarettes again.

After a While, You’ll Want to Experiment

When you first start vaping, you’ll try several e-liquids until you find one that really works for you. Once you find that perfect e-liquid that leaves you feeling completely satisfied, you’ll probably buy nothing but that e-liquid for a while. Eventually, though, you’ll start to wonder what else is out there. What you’ll find is a wide world of varied flavor profiles that have nothing at all to do with tobacco or menthol flavors. You’ll start to experiment, and you’ll discover some new flavor profiles that you really love. Maybe you’ll fall in love with strawberries-and-cream e-liquids, or maybe you’ll decide that cereal e-liquids are the perfect remedies for your occasional sugar cravings.

When you find a flavor profile that really resonates with you, you’ll be hooked. After a while, throat hit will stop mattering so much to you because you’ll no longer look back with nostalgia on your days as a smoker. Instead, you’ll excite yourself by thinking about the next e-liquids that you want to try. You’ll begin searching for ways to experience the flavor profiles of your favorite e-liquids even more clearly. That’s when your journey toward becoming a cloud chaser will begin.

One Day, You’ll Discover Sub-Ohm Vaping

At some point, your urge to experiment with your vaping hardware will become too great to ignore. You’ll pick up your first box mod kit with a sub-ohm tank. You’ll set up the mod, fill the tank and begin vaping. You’ll draw the vapor into your mouth and realize that the airflow is completely different from what you’re used to with your vape pen. You’ll try inhaling directly into your lungs. You’ll exhale, and out will come an enormous cloud – and a violent cough, because the ideal e-liquid nicotine strength for a small vape pen simply won’t work for a large box mod. When you finally get the nicotine strength just right, the experience will be nothing short of magical. Without all of the throat hit getting in the way, you’ll finally taste your favorite e-liquids as they were meant to be tasted. You’ll find that pure, delicious flavor – not throat hit – has become the most important aspect of your vaping experience. You’ll never think about cigarettes again.

Between the decreased nicotine strength of your e-liquid and the increased e-liquid consumption of your sub-ohm tank, you’ll begin going through a lot of e-liquid – and with the increased e-liquid consumption, you’ll realize that you’re replacing the coil in your tank every day or two. Pre-built coils aren’t cheap. You’ll put up with the frequent coil replacements for a while, but eventually you’ll begin to look for a less expensive way to enjoy your big vapor clouds. You’ll also wonder if there might be a way to make those clouds even bigger and more flavorful. That’s when you’ll pick up your first rebuildable atomizer.

You’ll Emerge as a Cloud Chaser

From the moment you build your first working atomizer coil, you’ll be hooked on rebuildable atomizers. The difference – both in terms of the flavor quality and the density of the vapor – will be like night and day. When your coil building skill begins to improve, you’ll experience flavors that no sub-ohm tank could ever hope to reproduce. Although your needs and desires as a vaper will never stop evolving – you may even find yourself returning one day to a smaller vaping device for one reason or another – you’ll finally understand why so many of the vapers that you meet today are using such big devices and blowing huge clouds everywhere. When flavor becomes the most important aspect of your vaping experience, nothing beats a device that can throw out big, thick clouds.

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