An Inside Look At Facility Based Drug Rehab

Sometimes life puts a person in a position that allows them to start down a path of destruction. This has the potential to take many forms including excessive drinking, cheating on a significant other, poor financial choice, gambling, and drugs just to name a few. When someone is on a dangerous path, whatever that path may be, it is important that they seek out help as soon as possible. Sometimes, it is necessary for close friends or family members to provide some of the needed help whether it be a shoulder to cry on or a nudge in the right direction. When a person has gone so far down a destructive path, it becomes difficult for that person to differentiate what is best for them. When they reach this point, they may need even more help which often includes rehab. There are several versions of rehab depending on the level of need. One version is facility rehab where the person spends some time staying at the facility and undergoing treatment during their stay. Many people worry about what happens on a daily basis while at one of these facilities. Here, you will get to see a generalized inside look at what goes on during the day at a drug rehab facility.

First, let’s take a look at the morning routine of a rehab facility. Keep in mind that every facility is unique and will not be exactly the same. Everything listed here is generalized and the most common practices. While spending time in a rehab facility, do not expect to sleep in. You will live by a fairly strict schedule which includes getting up early and sitting down to a healthy and nutritious breakfast. There is no wasting time, therefore no sleeping in. Also, every meal consumed will be healthy because nutrition is vital to recovery. After breakfast, different facilities have different schedules, but a common practice is to offer classes such as meditation and yoga to help calm your mind and in the case of yoga keep you active at the same time. These classes also promote a relaxed and calm state of mind, in the beginning, the day. Most facilities attempt to establish healthy habits that they encourage residents to continue after they leave. Eating healthy and practicing meditation and yoga is a big part of this healthy regimen. Also, during the morning, either after breakfast or after yoga, a group therapy session

Now, onto the afternoon. During the afternoon is when the most intense treatment sessions will take place. The mid-day activities will begin with a healthy and nutritious lunch after which will begin a series of therapy sessions. While each case is treated in its own unique way, there are commonalities that tend to prevail. Often, the therapy sessions include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and specialized sessions. Individual sessions are always specific to the person being treated in how the session is conducted, how often the sessions happen, and what is spoken of during each session. With that being said, there are several different methods of individual therapy that are used as a basis. One of the most common versions of individual therapy is CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). With this type of therapy, the therapist seeks to determine an individual’s responses to various triggers. Once these triggers and responses have been established, the therapist will guide the individual to healthier reactions and responses to their triggers. These sessions provide the individual with a safe environment to express their feelings, concerns, and fears. There are many forms of specialized, alternative forms of therapy that are often utilized at treatment centers. This includes art therapy, music therapy, exercise therapy programs, dance therapy, equine therapy, biofeedback, and neurofeedback.

After all afternoon activities and sessions have been completed, there are generally a couple of hours allocated for free time. This time can be used however the individual wishes. There are several amenities that are available such as a swimming pool, ping-pong table, basketball hoop, soccer, and volleyball. Reading and journaling are also encouraged activities. Some people prefer to use their free time for meditating or praying to their chosen deity. Keep in mind, that whatever a person chooses to do with their free time, it must be done at the facility and will be monitored by staff. This is to ensure the safety of everyone as well as make sure that the program is being upheld.

After free time, evening activities will begin. Evenings will be a time to begin winding down and preparing for rest, so there will generally not be a great deal of activity going on. Most facilities offer a 12-step program and during the evening is when these meetings are offered. As a general rule, these meetings are encouraged but are not necessarily mandatory. As with most things, this rule will differ depending on the facility. Even if the 12-step program is not mandatory, it is a very wise idea to attend because the meetings provide a respectful, safe, and anonymous place where you can forge bonds and foster fellowship and sobriety. After this meeting, it will be time to start getting ready for bed. Lights out times will vary from one facility to the next. but it is always at a reasonable time. The reason for this is that making sure each person gets an optimal amount of rest is vital to the healthy living routine that is being promoted and hopefully ingrained. “Lights out” means it’s bedtime. While you do not have to actually go to sleep, it is highly advised to go ahead and go to bed as you will be awakened first thing in the morning to start the routine all over again. It is vital that patients get as much rest as they can during the night so that their mind and body will be well rested and prepared for the next day.

There are many fantastic facilities available all across the country. If you or a loved one would benefit from time in a treatment facility, act now and do not hesitate to seek the help needed. The longer you let the problem go unchecked, the worse it will become and the longer treatment will take. Acting quickly goes an incredibly long way towards halting the progression or the problem and getting you or your loved back on a healthy track. A simple internet search for “drug rehab facilities near me” will give you a list of all facilities in your area. If location is not an issue, you can search for “best drug rehab facilities”. If you are in need of recommendations, look into Light Drug Rehab. They have a fantastic program and are listed as the number one drug rehab center in the United States.

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