Getting Ready For Your Appointment With The Dentist

There are many parts of life that are uncomfortable or unpleasant in some way. Many people consider a trip to the doctor’s office at the top of the list of least favorite things to do. There are an exorbitant amount of different types of doctors and specialties. Each type of doctor brings its own level of discomfort and different people have aversions to different types of doctors. Among the most dreaded doctors to visit are gynecologists, ophthalmologists, and dentists. While all of these doctors only intend to help, some of the procedures and tools necessary for the appointment often seem frightening. As a general rule, the procedures and tools are incredibly safe with no to minimal risk. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to see only how big, sharp, or complicated a tool or machine appears. This fear then ratchets up with each step of the appointment; first making the appointment, then waiting for the appointment, arriving, sitting in the waiting room, then going back and sitting in the exam room. For those are nervous about a doctors appointment, waiting is often the most nerve-racking part of the experience. Especially when heading to a dentist appointment. However, there are a few steps that you can follow to make the entire process smoother and less frightening. This is exactly what you will find here, a list of steps that you can take to make getting ready for a dentist appointment less scary.

The first tip that we are going to discuss is common sense and should be practiced regardless. Brush your teeth, floss, and use mouth rinse before heading to a dentist appointment. Since the entire exam will revolve around the doctor being very close to your mouth, it is only courteous to make sure your breath is not offensive. A dentist is not going to tell you that your breath stinks, so do not assume, just because they are not saying anything, that your breath is pleasant. Always make an effort and clean your mouth well before heading to your appointment. This will help ease your mind by taking one layer of worry away. Many people often stress themselves over whether or not their breath stinks or not when they are going to see a dentist. Making a decided effort will alleviate at least some of that worry. For this same reason, avoid eating pungent foods within 24 hours of your appointment. This includes garlic, onions, ramps, and many others.

The next tip mostly pertains to first time appointments. Always have your paperwork in order before you go to your appointment. If you have been to other dentists, you will need your dental records from them. You will also need your insurance documents, and any previous x-rays or scans. Also, if you have any questions or concerns that you specifically want to address at the appointment, write them all down and take that with you as well. That way you will not have to worry about forgetting anything after you arrive. Place all of your paperwork into a manila envelope so that you can be assured that it will all stay together. Not only will this alleviate the worry of forgetting something, it will also ease the time and effort necessary to get signed in and ready to see the dentist.

This next tip goes somewhat hand in hand with the last one, arrive early. If you are late, it will set a poor precedent for the entire visit. Some doctors will even refuse to see you if you show up late for your appointment. Also, if you show barely in time, you will be pressed for time getting your paperwork filled out and established. It is best to plan on being at the office 15 to 20 minutes early. Not only will you need to show all of your insurance papers and dental records, you will also need to fill out a few papers with basic information. This generally includes contact information, basic medical history, medication information, and insurance details. Each office may be a bit different from the last, but they will all be very similar in this respect.

If you have any fears or concerns about your appointment or a procedure that you need, do not hesitate to express your fears to the dentist. Generally, they will be more than happy to work with you and find ways to ease your mind and make you more comfortable. Dentists are not cruel and only want to help you. This includes helping you to feel comfortable and at ease while in their office. They understand that some of their tools may look scary and that having a procedure is often upsetting. Talk to them, it will help.

One way to help ease your fears while having a procedure done that does not require being asleep, is to listen to music. Take your MP3 player, smartphone, or another small device that has the ability to play music and a set of earbuds. Crank up your tunes, put in your earbuds, and zone out so that you are not focusing on the procedure. If you are not concentrating on what is being done, you will not be focusing on your fear either. Along the same thread, if your child is frightened of the dentist, allowing them to take a favorite stuffed animal or another small item that provides them comfort. This way they will feel more secure and safe during the visit.

Finally, learn to control your breathing when you begin to feel anxious. This will help immensely. Start by taking a slow, deep breath through your nose, hold for two seconds and slowly release the breath through your mouth. Repeat this process several times until you begin to calm down. It often helps to count to yourself as you breath. Count to seven as you breathe in, four to hold it, and seven to breathe out. Remember to breathe and count slowly, do not rush or you may hyperventilate. Keep your breathing nice and even as well. If you have a medical condition that affects your breathing, consult with our doctor before trying this exercise.

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