How to Make CBD Vape Juice – How to DIY Juice Home?

Looking to make your own juice for CBD vaping? Congratulations. We are here to help. Let ‘s get right at it.

Here is a list of ingredients that you will need for the product.

  • E- cig
  • Digital scale
  • Latex gloves for hands protection
  • Syringes with blunt tips
  • Dropper bottle(glass)
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Flavor of your choice (Optional)
  • Pure CBD Isolate (99%)

Selecting Your Wanted Dosage Of CBD

Although having a CBD with elevated dosage than your desire will not have any side effects but it is still important to get the right dosage.

As we recommend going for 99% CBD Isolate crystal, a single gram container contains 1000mg CBD. But it does not mean that you should put the complete gram in your mixture. You can select lower amount as well.

We would recommend the use of a digital scale to know your exact dosage for your desired quality.

You can choose from our list of dosages and experiment with them to find the one that’s best for you.

CBD Dosages

  • 66mg CBD/mL = 1g CBD per 15 ml bottle (15 mL bottle with one complete gram)
  • 33mg CBD/mL = 1g CBD per 30mL bottle (30mL bottle with one complete gram)
  • 66mg CBD/mL = 1g CBD per 60mL bottle (60mL bottle with one complete gram)

The formula is to simply divide your desired BCD mg by the bottle size and go for it.


Now let’s start with the process. Remember to use high quality material and ingredients. You can make your CBD in any size container but we will go for the 15mL bottle having a 60 to ratio for VG to PG.

Step No 1:

Determine your CBD juice quantity that you want to make and select your container.

Step No 2:

Weigh your CBD with the digital scale.

Step No 3:

Take 9mL VG and 6mL PG with the syringe.

Step No 4:

Combine the PG and VG in your container.

Step No 5:

Mix your PG and VG with the CBD isolate crystals.

Step No 6:

For half hour, shake the bottle every 2 minutes so that the juice absorbs the crystals. After the absorption, your own CBD is ready.

If you see crystallization when your liquid is sitting, simply shake it. It is only due to VG interaction and it does not affect the quality.

If you want to add your flavor, sure go ahead. We avoided because the VG provides its own sweet taste.

Remember that some flavors will give a different color to your juice which will change with time. For example vanilla will be pink in the beginning and after a month it will change to amber. The reaction of flavors (natural or artificial) is yet unknown so going for flavor addition is completely up to you.


If you are not satisfied with the market available CBD juices, now you can make your juice and be proud of it. Let us know in the comments section about your experience with CBD making and what has been your favorite flavor.

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