How to Use CBD to Help Your Period

How to Use CBD to Help Your Period

Most women will attest that when it is that time of the month, the skies turn grey, and everything seems amiss. Your back aches, your tummy is bloated, your moods are all over the place. Basically, things are bad. But women, did you know you can use CBD for period pain? Well, you can!

Ever felt like you are happy, and then a fly lands on your salad and boom! Tears. If you haven’t, then that is just one of the emotional women all over the globe go through when they are on their menses. There are so many things that occur during this time, such that one lady’s story is different from another. Some experience heavy periods while others a light flow. Some feel like a car just hit them while some feel nothing at all!

Any lady who experiences the harsh side of things will do anything to take the pain away. Hot compress, painkillers, and even crying, but did you know that you can use CBD for period pain? And in this text, you will find out how to use CBD oil for pain, so read on to find out.

But before we get into that, let us take a brief detour to female reproductive studies.

Where Does The Pain Come From?

There is so much wonder when it comes to the female body. And one focal point is the reproductive system, which is the source of all the trouble, but do you know how or why? Well, in an effort to answer the big question of what are menstrual cramps and heavy period causes, we hope this explanation will answer these and other more questions.

Let’s begin.

The female body is always on the move. And this means that the system is always doing something.

So, early weeks before you cross the ‘red sea,’ the body produces a hormone called estrogen. When the levels of estrogen rise, the endometrial tissue is built, then ovulation follows. When this phase picks up, another hormone, progesterone, it causes thickening of the uterus walls. The thickening happens because the progesterone beefs up the uterine wall with increased blood flow in the arteries. This stimulus is to prepare the uterus for receiving the ova that just left the ovaries. If the ova get fertilized, it grows into an embryo and attaches to the wall. But if it doesn’t, the progesterone levels fall.

Being the reason why the wall thickened at first, in the reduced levels, the blood supply is cut off, and the endometrial tissue starts shedding. While all this shedding is happening, the perfect environment for inflammation occurs, causing the pain.

The decrease in progesterone results in an increase of prostaglandins which has the following effects on the female body:

●     Releases of inflammatory chemicals

●     Increases pain sensitization

●     Vasoconstriction which is the inhibiting of blood flow

●     Uterine contractions- the more the prostaglandins the intense the cramps

●     Heavy bleeding

●     Diarrhea

How does CBD for Period Pain Work?

We really will not get into the whole what is CBD matter but will focus on how it can be used as a treatment for heavy periods. When CBD for period pain is used, the patient gets relieved from the following:

Menstrual Cramps

The THC and CBD products inhibit the production of prostaglandin producing enzymes which consequently desensitizes the nerve receptors. That way, you no longer feel too much pain from the contractions. THC also activates endocannabinoid receptors CB2 that prevents macrophages from releasing inflammatory proteins. The two also relax the muscles by increasing blood flow, providing more oxygen to the muscles reducing painful, heavy periods.

 Mood Swings

Often you will hear people saying that you should steer clear from a lady with PMS, do you know why? At this time, women are sensitive due to the sudden surge and dropping of hormones in their bodies. But CBD oil benefits this issue by calibrating emotions by striking a balance. It might not really do much on the hormonal front, but it lifts the moods of the lady, making her more pleasant to deal with.

Nausea and Appetite

The ripple effect of pain can sometimes be felt in the stomach area. As a result, you feel bloated, and you can also get diarrhea and a lack of appetite. With CBD, however, you will instantly get a craving, and the urge to vomit will go away. CBD products like tinctures from CBD Centrals will do the trick.

Breast and Abdominal Pain

Women also register painful tender breasts during this time and a surge of abdominal pain due to the cramps. The CBD governs vanilloid receptors that, in turn, regulate pain perception easing the discomfort.

Heavy Periods

Unfortunately, not all women suffer the same kind of pain. Some ladies experience heavy periods that can even incapacitate them temporarily. In this state, they cannot walk nor do anything upright; the cause behind this is a condition known as endometriosis. This is when the thickening of the wall goes all the way to the fallopian tubes and even the ovaries. And when shedding time comes, the whole route is stripped, causing immeasurable pain. CBD and THC help in also reducing this pain.

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain

How to use CBD oil for pain? The answer is very simple and straightforward. But it will depend on what you aim to treat. So if you are sorting out physical pain like cramps and abdominal pain, the best way is through topical creams and massage oil where you apply directly to the affected area.

If you want to sort out nausea, appetite, and mood swings, the best delivery is through smoking, vaping, or using a drop of the oil under the tongue. You are, however, not strictly required to stick to one or two, whatever works for you – do it! But if you are still questioning how does CBD oil work on menses, its time you try it yourself.

Take Away

Women need to be understood, mostly during this time of the month. They may not be entirely pleasant, but can you blame them? Their bodies are basically betraying them. But now that you know why not get your mum, sister, or lady any CBD products whenever you see them going through this. Try this and wait a few moments to see her light up. If hot water never worked, CBD won’t disappoint; science says so. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio: Rae Hudson had been going through all the ordeals described in the text. She tried everything, from painkillers to distractions and even yoga, but it did not work. Only one thing did, a CBD oil!

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