Oplus E-Liquid Reviews

Oplus is an e-liquid brand from China, made from USP, EP & FEMA approved ingredients. While Oplus e-liquid comes in many different flavors, we are only reviewing the Special Edition line from this brand. These particular flavors are available in three different PG/VG ratios, as well as with nicotine content of 0, 6, 12 & 18 mg/ml. All flavors come in beautiful steampunk style packaging, with 10 ml and 30 ml bottles available.

Overall, the Oplus Special Edition line is characterized by unique fruit, dessert and menthol blends; several tobacco-based flavors are also available. We especially liked the out-of-the-box thinking of Oplus mixologists: they have been very creative, coming up with amazing combinations which, even more surprisingly, provide a very tasty vaping experience. Thanks to the delicate nature of these flavors, the throat hit is quite mild, while the relatively high VG content ensures plenty of vapor at all times.
PG/VG Ratio (percent):,70/30; 50/50; 30/70
Country of Origin:,China

Oplus E-Liquid Reviews

Oplus Unicorn Blood

Oplus Unicorn BloodOur absolute favorite from the OPLUS e-liquid line. The flavor goes perfectly together with its name, with the first surprise being the vibrant red color of the liquid. Next comes the mysterious and magic scent of it, followed by an incredibly unique, sophisticated taste ’ honestly, we have never tasted anything like this before. It is more on the sweet side, with very pronounced vanilla notes and hints of different exotic fruit. A very silky and smooth flavor, with a gently bitter aftertaste. An instant all day vape, especially for sweet flavor lovers!

Oplus Desert Oasis

Oplus Desert OasisThis juice offers you a true oriental experience. Plenty of mint on the inhale, with an aftertaste of plum and dried fruit. While some other fruit notes are also present, we’d like to categorize this as a dessert flavor, as vanilla with a mix of sweet spices is the most palpable component here. Overall, this is another mysterious, dreamy and definitely not an ordinary flavor.

Oplus Summer Haze

Oplus Summer HazeExactly like a sunny summer morning, with the haze rolling through a valley. The name of this flavor is right on point! It is a mildly sweet, delicate flavor with a hint of rose oil. Thanks to the latter part, this one could be described as a ‘floral’ flavor, which is quite a rarity. The rose note also adds a somewhat bitter aftertaste, making the overall profile of the juice less tiresome.

Oplus Heisenberg

Oplus HeisenbergA sophisticated and very exotic blend of sweet, sour and spicy, with some additional funky freshness. This is also one of the flavors with a dry, tea-like taste, which intensifies the throat hit and makes it all much more interesting. We were very surprised by the uniqueness of this flavor, and it has become our second favorite from Oplus. Yes, it might seem a bit too spicy and harsh for some, but hey, it’s the almighty Heisenberg after all!

Oplus Pacific Rim

Oplus Pacific Rim

A smooth and silky combination of sweet and sour. Subtle berry/fruit blend in the background, with the blueberry being the most pronounced. Not too sweet, very mild, and can definitely work as an all day vape ’ even for those cloud chasers who prefer tobacco over fruit mixes. However, compared to the rest of the flavors from this line, Pacific Rim seems to be quite bland.

Oplus Yellow Sub

Oplus Yellow SubA fresh, medium strong menthol flavor with a rich fruit mix in the background. More on the sour side, fresh and exotic. Thanks to the sourness and the menthol, which are both more pronounced on the exhale, the Yellow Sub is truly refreshing ’ just like submerging in water in a hot summer day. This flavor also seemed very pronounced and intense to us.

Oplus Absolute December

Oplus Absolute DecemberA must-have for menthol lovers! An exceptionally strong menthol flavor with a subtle hint of berries. In fact, the gushing freshness of the menthol leaves the berries almost unnoticeable, although it’s clear that there is something more to the flavor. A chilly winter experience, guaranteed to clear your airways in no time!

Oplus E-Liquid New Edition Reviews

Oplus has recently released a new e-liquid line called the New Edition. These come in red bottles with red “New Recipe” signs on the packaging, and it is also worth mentioning that the new e-liquid has no added coloring. Thanks to Dragonvape, we were able to test these new awesome juices, so let’s take a closer look:

Oplus Unicorn Blood New Edition

Oplus-Unicorn-Blood-New-EditionIf you were satisfied with the previous version of Unicorn Blood, you definitely must try the New Edition. Thanks to a unique bouquet of coconut, orange, vanilla, cream, cake and peanut, the flavor has become much richer. On top of that, after each hit you will notice a gentle menthol aftertaste. New mix of flavors will definitely bring some new colors to your cloud chasing!

Oplus Desert Oasis New Edition

Oplus-Desert-Oasis-New-EditionDesert Oasis now has more menthol than the Unicorn Blood. It is an abundant mix of pineapple and aniseed. While the old Desert Oasis was more like a mix of sweet spices, the New Edition is clearly a fruit mix. The pineapple flavor is very intense, but it is accompanied by a subtle menthol which will not let the sweetness bother you. Without any doubt, this is definitely not something ordinary and is very worth a try!

Oplus Absolute December New Edition

Oplus-Absolute-December-New-EditionIf you’re looking for something completely new, this e-juice is just in time for you! This flavor is completely different than the previous Absolute December. As the manufacturer states, in the new blend, the strong menthol meets a mix of caramel, kiwi, melon, menthol and even cucumber. Yes, you read the latter correctly ’ and you can definitely taste it in the mix! So if you are bored of common flavors, go ahead and try out the Absolute December New Edition from Oplus!

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  1. Atle Olsen says:

    Hi, where can I buy these?

  2. Asep says:

    Nice guide. Thanks for sharing. I’m a vaipng noob, and I am on my 3rd day with a Protank which came with two atomizers. I started getting lousy hits and then a bad plastic taste, and have been trying to figure out what’s gone wrong. Washed my tank out and put fresh juice and it still tasted strange. Tried the second atomizer, and still had that taste. Tried dry burning it and now it is tasting great and the cloud of vapor is massive. It’s working like new. So apparently the issue is the first atomizer is dirty and gunked, and I am hitting burnt up coils. Going to follow you instructions and see if I can restore the original atomizer. I have an Ego Twist set to 3.8v, on a 50/50 juice. Wondering if 3.8 is over heating it for my chain vaipng style (kinda going nuts to replace the butts)? Anyway, thanks again glad to hear these can be cleaned. Won’t have new atomizers for a good week.

  3. Danny says:

    Hi Martin,
    Just wanted to say thanks for reviewing our latest line of liquids from OPLUS and also mentioning our website http://www.dragonvape.biz as a source for OPLUS products. We are the official UK overseas stockist for OPLUS and have been working with them in growing the UK market since 2014.

    We currently stock all their standard flavours as well as the special edition NickNack series (above). There is also a new special edition series coming soon called the Fusion range which is also a 30/70 PG/VG mix in 30ml bottles which will be using new recipes based on popular US sweets & desserts, which are increasingly gaining momentum in the UK. Perhaps we could send you some samples for review?

    Finally, I’d like to say our website is very safe utilizing PayPal’s secure payment gateway. We’ve also just expanded our facilities with a new store in Leigh. We offer 5 for £10 on all 10ml OPLUS flavours and for anyone reading this article I’d like to offer them a VIP discount code: “VIPDV10” when applied offers a further 10% discount on everything in our store and all orders are delivered same day free in the UK.

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