Pre-Rolls: A Guide to Picking the Right Kind

With various technological advancements in today’s world, rolling joints has become an obsolete practice. Now, you don’t need to go through the hassle of rolling cannabis in a paper, and you can buy cannabis pre-rolls, light them, and smoke.

However, this technology still leaves you trying to figure out whether you are picking the right kind of cannabis. Specifically, this is because you’ll have to pay for the product to see what’s inside.

But here, we’ve listed what you should look for when buying cannabis pre-rolls from a weed shop in Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking for recreational marijuana or medical marijuana, this information will help you choose correctly.

What is a Pre Rolled Joint?

Pre-rolled joints are ready to use cannabis joints. When you purchase this joint, you don’t need to roll it up in paper before smoking, as you only need to light it and smoke.

The highest benefit of purchasing pre-rolls is the convenience it offers. Especially for first-time users, you don’t need to learn how to wrap cannabis yourself. Instead, you can buy an already rolled one to enjoy.

How to Choose the Right Pre-Roll 

Here is information relevant for buying pre-rolls:

#1. What’s in the Pre-Roll

Because of the form a pre-roll comes, it may be hard to tell what’s inside it. If you must choose when purchasing pre-rolls, this may be the first information you need.

You can ask the attendant at the weed shop whether the pre-rolls contain quality marijuana. The problem here may lie in whether the attendant has a good reputation and you can trust them to tell you the truth. The best measure, therefore, is to buy your pre-rolls from a reputable manufacturer and seller. You can still find a trusted weed shop in Los Angeles.

You can do a little research about good pre-rolls manufacturers, check where these companies grow their cannabis, and the growing and harvesting process.

It would help if you went with pre-roll products with high positive reviews. You can further read what’s on the packaging of the pre-rolls at the weed dispensary to get a clue of the quality. Also, read reviews online, as they help you know what people who purchased from different brands say about such brands.

#2. Quality Pre-Rolls May Cost More

One of the ways to get an idea of whether or not a good is quality is the price. While this tends to be an assumption rather than fact, it may be valid to a large extent. Before going to the weed dispensary, you have to settle your heart to pay more for quality pre-rolls.

#3. Check for the Strain

If you have any specific strain of cannabis in mind, try to ensure you are buying what you need. Some cannabis comes in distinctive ones; Sativa, Indica, while some are a mix of cannabis strains. If you are unsure what you are purchasing, you should ask questions or check the label for the manufacturer’s information.

However, if you don’t have sufficient information to inform your choice of a strain, you may have to tell the seller your purpose for using cannabis. Sativa strain is notable for its uplifting and stimulating effect, and they are good sources of recreational marijuana.

Therefore, they may be ideal for people who need a mood lift – perhaps those suffering from depression. Indica’s give you that calming effect and are great when you need to relieve tension, relax your nerve and probably sleep.

However, some pre-rolls do not come in Sativa or Indica strains alone. Instead, they are hybrid strains, which are a mix of different ones.

#4. Shakes And Quality

People often believe that cannabis pre-rolls made from shakes are low quality because they are usually cheap. However, this is not always true as there are great pre-rolls made from shakes too.

The problem with shakes is that due to their manufacturing process, they may mix with other strains. Consequently, they may not give you the effect you are looking to get.


As the demand for quick and easy cannabis products keeps increasing, you may expect better quality pre-rolls. But you have to be sure you are choosing the right one for your needs. Therefore finding out these little details will be a significant step to take. While at the weed shop in Los Angeles, check for the manufacturer, the strain, and prepare to pay for quality cannabis pre-rolls.

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