How vaping enabled millions of people to quit smoking

Vaping is a fairly recent trend in the world of smoking, but it is not actually combustion that is happening it is really vapoured. Vaping is considered a much healthier way of consuming nicotine or nutritional supplements such as CBD from the cannabis sativa plant, known as hemp. Public opinion is definitely swaying towards vaping has helped millions of people quit the habit of smoking, but the evidence piling up is not so certain.

Thousands of vape shops have sprung up in towns from residential type informal businesses to high-end retail vape stores selling a huge selection of brands and varieties of vaporizers and accessories. From pocket size portable vapes for people on the move through to hardcore desktop vaporizers that come with all the bells and whistles with the state of the art technology. Vaping has become a popular trend in many parts of the world and grown rapidly amongst the youth as a recreational activity.

Public Health England ( PHE ) has hoped that vaping becomes available on the United Kingdoms national health policy. They further suggested vapes should be sold in private and state hospitals. The PHE sees the potential of people turning to vaping and using it as a mechanism to quit smoking or at least reduce the craving to pick up a cigarette. PHE is positive about the quality of professionalism and product in the over 2000 vape stores that operate and support nearly 3 million vapers.

Vaping has largely been considered for many years now,  a much healthier way to consume herbs and essential oils and other compounds. Vaping a way to heat your flower or concentrate in the oven and inhale droplets infused with the required compounds into your lungs. It’s an efficient and safe delivery system for medicinal or recreational herbs such as cannabis as well as oils and concentrates. A recent study suggested that smokers who also vape are more likely to try and quit smoking that smokers who don’t vape.

Although it has famously been said “vaping is 95% more safe than smoking”, many others say this is just a guess. Still, some academics agree that vaping is still a much safer alternative to traditional smoking.

“ Vaping is 10 to 12 per cent the risk associated with cigarette smoking “ – Professor David Nutt

US and UK studies both reflect similar results in studies of the success vaping has over people quitting cigarettes. It is a known fact that 1.5 million vapers have quit smoking for good. The British Medical Journal ( BMJ ) has made positive claims through studies suggesting that vapers have a far better chance of quitting smoking than non-users. People that used vaporizers also had a might higher tendency to at least try and persist to give up smoking through this same study.

The product options for vape is almost unlimited and as you will see on the site ST vaping is an already established industry in the UK and USA. It is still growing into emerging markets such as in Africa. Quitting smoking seems to be easier to do while vaping and you have a better chance of succeeding when you vape.


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