Review Of SMOK RPM 5 & RPM 5 Pro Pod Mod Kit

The vape market is surging upward day by day, and considering the popularity and craze in the people, different companies are launching their products back to back. Similarly, SMOK is a leading brand in the vape market that has recently added 2 new devices to its RPM 5 Pro and SMOK RPM 5 kit list. 

The range of SMOK has developed over the years, including RPM 40, 80, 80 Pro, & then RPM Lite and so on. The RPM 5 and 5 pro are brand new kits of SMOK that create the whisper in the market. Well, both these kits are the same, but they have some dissimilarities, which we will mention in the below content.

What’s new in RPM 5 and RPM 5 Pro:

The range of SMOK RPM is increasing because of the amazing response from the vapers. If you are an expert in this industry, then you must have seen the journey of RPM2, Smok rpm 3 coil to RPM 160 and so on! Well, these duos of standard RPM and RPM pro have some little differences, which is battery power. The RPM 5 comes with an inbuilt range of batteries up to 2000mAh battery, but at the same time, The RPM 5 pro comes in 18650mAh battery.

Both the Kit supports charging port USB C. This is the best alternative for any other SMOKE range. If you’ve already tasted other series of SMOK RPM, this would be the best option for you. When it comes to describing its features, both have almost the same specifications. RPM 5 has long-lasting battery life. In terms of output voltage, both are almost the same with 5-80W. To check the vaping data there, you find the TFT screen of 0.96 inches. 

The Design Of RPM 5 And RPM 5 PRO

Both the series of RPM and SMOK RPM 5 pro kit are designed conveniently and have the least differences. These kits are easy to use and comfortable to vape. Even a newbie can also use this Kit easily. It is designed with the components like an Air inlet, TFT screen, Type C port, Up/Down button, air switch, power button and mouthpiece.

The airflow slider switch is designed to balance the airways. It gives you full control over the Kit. Now you can hit the vape with full confidence even in the public areas. The standard Kit of RPM 5 gives a 6.5ml capacity, and you can remove and refill it again anytime. These kits deliver a mellow flavor on each stroke. It is completely child-resistant that prevents leakage. The airflow control button they have are completely adjustable, and you can up & down the button as per your preference. 

Features of RPM 5 and RPM 5 pro kit:

  • A clear visible TFT screen of 0.96 inch
  • The design of the Kit is convenient and Child-resistant 
  • The Kit is refillable from the top.
  • Get a stepless airflow control system with just one button
  • The capacity of holding 6.5ml e-liquid

SMOK RPM 5 & 5 pro pod kit includes a device, pod, meshed coil with user manual & type C cable. So, are you ready to receive a package of vape kits at your doorstep? Search the biggest vape store near me and buy this today!

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