The Best of British Brands to Try

It’s easy to get stuck into a habit with e-liquids. Keeping to the same brands or even the same liquid once you find one you really love. But, sometimes it’s good to try something new. In the last few years, the UK e-liquid market has blown up to cater to the 3 millions vapers across the pond. If you’re feeling more adventurous and want to explore some new flavours and brands, we’ve compiled a list to help get you started. While you might need to order from the UK directly for some of these, they’re worth the wait and ordering e-liquids in bulk often gets you more of a discount.

Moreish Puff

Established in 2016, the company started with the outlook of creating a reputable and quality e-liquid brand with a variety of flavours to entice customers. Since then, Moreish Puff have created over 40+ unique flavors and blends and growing every week. Whether it’s 25ml, 50ml or 100ml bottles you can find a variety of sizes to sample and find your favorite. The ranges include Prosecco, Tobacco, Popcorn, Custard, Candy Drops, Chilled, Shakes, Sherbet, Soda and Vapesta.

Available to buy online via the retail site, new customers can get a 10% discount on your first purchase using coupon code 10OFF plus available for wholesale orders via application.

With new flavours being added every week, be sure to check back for more great tastes to enhance your vaping experience.

Electric Dew

An eclectic range of flavours inspired by the English countryside and classic desserts. The two standouts from the range are Raspberry Rewire and Triple C. Raspberry Rewire is a refreshing and summery combination of freshly picked raspberries with mint. If dessert is more your thing, Triple C is a creamy blend of tangy rhubarb and vanilla custard. The selection from Electric Dew come in big 100ml bottles making them a cost effective option too. No matter the flavour you choose, you’re in for a treat.

Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady have a nostalgic aesthetic which follows onto the flavours they use in their e-liquids. Their ranges span everything from summer inspired vapes to classic desserts and candy. One of their best sellers is Lemon Tart. A sticky, sweet and tangy lemon curd is combined with notes of meringue and biscuit base. If candy is more your thing, their Tuck Shop range serve up some real treats. Try the Watermelon Slices or Apple Sours for a fruity and sugary treat.


If you’ve heard of any on this list, it’s most likely I VG. With a huge range across both high VG liquids and nic salts, these juices are packed with flavour. Catering to palettes that appreciate both simple and complex flavour profiles, there are a few in particular we recommend. For the menthol fans, Spearmint Millions serves up peppermint goodness with a candy twist. A little like candy canes but a flavour you’ll want all year round. The other top seller is another from their Millions range. Bubblegum Millions is a classic fruity bubblegum with an intense flavour that, unlike a lot of other sweeter flavours, doesn’t burn out your coils.


Infuse have seriously catered to the fruit fans of the world. From more traditional offerings like peach or blackcurrant to tropical flavours like lychee or pineapple you’ve got plenty of choice. Tropica is a particularly tasty combination – a mix of juicy mango, fresh pineapple and a hint of passion fruit makes for an exotic vape. If a more familiar flavour is more your thing, Peach Crush serves up a simple peach juice that’s as aromatic as it is sweet.

For the drippers and cloud chasers of the world, these brands serve up some unique and punchy flavour combinations. We’ve covered all the bases here – whether you want fruit, candy, dessert or a combination of all three there’s something you’ll love. These are all mixed up to a minimum 70% VG concentration, giving you great vape volume as well as some seriously exceptional flavour. In the UK, their regulations require e-liquids containing nicotine to be in bottles no larger than 10mls. To provide vapers with the best value for money, shortfills were invented. They’re large bottles of e-liquid with extra space at the top to add a concentrated shot of nicotine. What this means for you is these short fills come nicotine free and you can add as much (or little) nicotine as you want to mix to your preferred strength. So, treat yourself to something new, get mixing and you might just find a new favourite.

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