The Lazy Vaper Secrets to Long-Lasting Coils

What keeps your coils from lasting a long time? All coils aren’t made equal, but they share a similarity when it comes to a short lifespan: the user’s incredible talent of burning them.

How do you know your coil is burnt, you ask? Well, because it tastes like eating a stack of coals after swallowing a roasted sock inside of a burning building – or worse. I rather lick a bum’s foot than vape with burnt coils.

The coils themselves don’t burn; what burns is the cotton inside the coils, and some men just want to watch the wick burn.

I’d recommend you change the coils the moment you begin noticing a mild burnt taste. Why? Because of the chemicals they produce, that’s why. Unless you want mutant lungs, heed my words.

“So tell me, wise Wizard, how can I prevent this BURN you so eloquently talk about?”

Before each coil goes to heaven, they’ve most likely ended there by burning out. It’s just the regular path a coil must take.

I’m certain some coil brands travel directly to hell in their afterlife, considering how poorly they perform in this realm. But that’s for another time, I only have 602 words to get to the point and the patience for none.

The coil heats up after you hit the fire button, and the wick soaks the e-liquid and turns it into the vapor you so eagerly pump into your lungs.

The e-liquid slightly prevents the coil from burning because it is being converted into vapor. The wick dries for a second before the next hit. That’s why it is preferred to keep your tank full, so the wick is constantly soaked in e-liquid.

So, what happens when there is no liquid left and you hit that fire button? The heat that was once distracted by the liquid now directs all its attention into the wick. Since the wick is made of cotton (most likely), it will take up all the heat and burn to a crisp.

The first “secret” that everybody knows is to always ensure there’s plenty of juice in the tank. Why do you think priming is highly recommended? Unless you’re a complete noob, you know priming is practiced by all vapers for a reason. You want your cotton to be fully soaked and ready to puff to prevent burning it. Yes, you can burn your freshly-unpacked coil from the first puff – or dry puff, in this case.

Speaking of noobs, rule #2 is to always prime your coils. The simple steps are: you pour your juice in the tank and wait for 5 – 10 mins to allow for the liquid to soak into the cotton. Once drenched and juicy, you can draw deeply to your heart’s content.

Another “secret” is to vape slowly. I love to chain-vape myself because I’m a gluttonous SOB sometimes, but you must pace yourself. If you keep hitting that fire button, you may overheat and ruin not only your coils, but other parts of your device as well.

Remember, when replacing a burnt coil, you’re likely to experience a slight remnant of burnt taste, so don’t fret. Learn your mod’s power settings, and become acquainted with ohm’s law if you plan on pursuing professional cloud-chasing.

So there, I’ve bolded the most 101 non-secrets for you to bask in my wisdom and save yourself some money. These are basic maintenance rules you must abide by if you want to enjoy the best your vape device has to offer. You can also save yourself a few headaches along the way.

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