Top Ten Ways To Vape Recreational Cannabis

Cannabis has never been as popular and as widely accepted as it is today. And the same goes for vaping, especially with high quality and affordable cannabis from online retailers like Cheap Weed. The mechanics of vaping are simple – the cannabis is heated until it produces fine vapors, which are then inhaled.


It is widely believed that vaping has numerous benefits over other cannabis consumption methods, particularly smoking. For one thing, vaping does not result in the consumption of burnt plant materials.

Top Ten Ways to Vape Recreational Cannabis

1. Using a Table-Top Vape

As the name suggests, this beast of a vaporizer belongs at the top of a table, not your pocket. On the plus side, this device is highly advanced, it even has temperature control. However, it will set you back a few hundred dollars. The flavors it creates are richer too.

2. Using a Dry Herb/Flower Vaporizer

Technically, these are portable vaporizers. There is a compromise in temperature control, and the experience is a lot like smoking the flower.

3. Using Concentrates and Oil Vaporizers

These look like pens, and they are the most popular kind of vaporizers in the market as they are cheap and also quite effective. They are battery operated, and they deliver a good user experience; though this can vary depending on the cartridge brand.

4. Pick the Right Vaporizer for You

Essentially, this comes down to your vaping needs and the sort of vaping experiences you are seeking. But you can also try our a couple of vaporizer types and settle on the version that gives you the experience you seek.

5. Pick the Right Material

If you refer dry herb or a concentrate vaporizer, then it’s easy – choose a strain of choice and you are good to go. For cartridges and oils, things are a little more complicated, as flavors and brands vary considerably.

6. Find your Favorite Strain First, Then Shop for a Vaporizer

The best approach is to settle on the strain you are going to use and then shop for an appropriate vaping device. However good a device is, making sure it is suitable for the cannabis you with to use is the most important part.

7. Understand Your Desired Vaping Experience

There can be a world of difference between vaping and smoking cannabis. For instance, while dry herb vapes will have some similarity to traditional smoking – top vaporizers will often produce pure and powerful hits. On the other hand, the cartridges can give you powerful but short-lived feelings.

8. For Cerebral Highs, avoid Oils

People say that oils produce cerebral highs, which makes them less appropriate for pain relief, where body highs are more desirable.

9. Make Sure Your Vaporizer Matches your Vaping Material

The quality of the cannabis and the cartridge brand also play a role in the kind of effect you will get. So, you have to figure out which strain and which gadget gives you the high you desire.

10. Proper Care of your Vaporizer is Key

Once you have settled on a device of your choice and the best cannabis strain for you, you should take proper care of your device through proper cleaning and care.


Vaping has gotten so commonplace today, especially now that cannabis is being legalized all around the world. However, for the best vaping experience, there are some things to keep in mind. Above are some of them if you want the best recreational vaping experiences.

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