Vaping Like A Pro – Proven Tricks To Get Bigger Clouds

Vaping is like an art, which you master only with time and experience. Even as a beginner, you would want to produce big vape clouds as seasoned users do. But it is easier said than done, even for someone who has been vaping for a while. Blowing enormous vapor clouds requires good technique, extensive experience, and much more. If you are struggling to get them as a beginner or even as a regular vape, you could use some advice from the experts. Here are some proven tricks that can help you get bigger and thicker clouds, just like a pro.

Pick the right e-juice

The choice of the right e-juice can make all the difference to the size of your clouds. E-liquids comprise two essential ingredients, the VG and the PG, with both serving different functions. While PG is all about the throat hit and flavor, the vapor production is attributed to VG. So an e-juice high in VG would be the right pick if you are looking for larger clouds. You can easily max them by opting for a product with a 100% VG ratio, but you may have to compromise with the flavor with such variants. Ideally, you can settle for an e-juice with optimal VG levels that get you ample clouds and a PG level that is good enough from the flavor perspective.

Know your device well enough

Apart from opting for the right e-juice, you also need to choose the right vaping device to get the vapor size you desire. But getting larger clouds isn’t only about the choice of the device. Even if you pick the right device, you need to learn more about the appropriate settings to use it for the best experience. Vaping with a low resistance coil and a powerful battery is an effective measure to increase vapor production. When you reduce the coil resistance, more power passes through the circuit, and the liquid vaporizes at a much quicker rate.

Master your technique

Once you have the right e-liquid and a device that gives optimal results with correct usage, you need to master your vaping technique as well. You may own the same mod and juice as someone else, but the clouds they get may be much bigger, all because they have a better technique. Essentially, the right technique combines the correct ways of inhaling and exhaling with apt body posture. To start, you need to exhale for emptying your lungs completely while leaning forward slightly. When inhaling, take the smoke in for as long and as hard as possible. Straighten your back upwards so that your lungs open up and let more vapor to enter. Continue steadily for the consistent production of large clouds.

Creating the biggest clouds with vaping is easier than it sounds, provided that you do everything right. Although you need not do much to achieve them, they can make all the difference to your experience. If you are able to master the skill, you can consider yourself to be a pro!

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