VOOPOO Vinci Latest Series: VINCI X 2 Kit and VINCI 2 Kit

VINCI X 2 Kit and VINCI 2 Kit

Hello once more, beloved vapers! Today, we take a look at two of VooPoo’s next-generation Vinci series pods: the VooPoo Vinci 2 and VooPoo Vinci X 2! Recently from Newvaping.com vape shop we purchased and tested them.

VooPoo has shocked us all with a re-imagining of their extremely popular Vinci Pod Mod and Vinci X Kits published a couple of years ago, fresh off the introduction of their Vinci Pod (which I strongly recommend).

I believe that when they were first released, the Vinci Pod kits elevated the bar for pod systems at the time. They stood out from the crowd in a variety of ways, including their extensive selection of stunning and eye-catching metallic finishes. To be honest, the kits were of high quality and well-assembled. In fact, I still use the Vinci Pod Mod as a handy vape gadget to carry with me when I go on a walk!

As ground-breaking as the original Vinci Pod Mods were, there were a few things that I hoped the devices had, such as additional airflow control beyond changing coils to obtain the draw that I desired.

So, do the Vinci 2 and Vinci X 2 outperform their forefathers? Let us investigate!

VINCI X 2 Kit and VINCI 2 Kit

In this review, we will compare both kits side by side. And, as usual, my review is based on my own true experience with the goods, which were graciously supplied to me for review by Chelly from Newvaping.

Contents & Packaging

The Vinci 2 sample box that was supplied to me included:

  • The mod/device, which has a 1500 mAh internal battery
  • The Vinci 2 pod/cartridge, which can carry a massive 6.5 mL of e-liquid (2mL in TPD areas, of course).
  • A PnP-VM1 coil with a resistance of 0.3 ohm.
  • A PnP-TM2 coil with a resistance of 0.8 ohm.
  • A USB Type-C charging cord
  • User guide, warranty card
VINCI X 2 Kit and VINCI 2 Kit

The Vinci X 2 package contains the identical kit components as the Vinci X, with the exception of:

  • The mod/device that will house an 18650 battery.
  • In addition to the 0.3 ohm PnP-VM1 coil, the 0.15 ohm PnP-VM6 coil is supplied.

The following are notable features of both kits, as compared to their first-generation counterparts:

  • Both kits support the whole PnP coil ecosystem. So, if you already have PnP coils, RBAs, or recently released PnP rebuildable kits from another brand, they will work!
  • The Vinci 2 has a power range of 5W-50W, but the Vinci X 2 has a power range of 80W! In comparison, the original Vinci Pod Mod and Vinci X could only fire up to 40W and 70W, respectively.
  • •The extra-large pod capacity is also worth mentioning, since the original Vinci capsules only contained 5.5mL—a little improvement. But then I wonder: would I really want a pod that carries more than 6.5 mL of e-liquid? Probably not, because that would make the pod too enormous, and I prefer to switch up my flavors frequently.
  • Both devices read resistances ranging from 0.15 ohm to 3.0 ohm.
  • Both kits also have 2A quick charging.
  • Auto-draw, like in the original series, is confined to the Vinci 2 (the Vinci X 2 lacks this functionality).
  • Both kits use the most recent GENE.AI 2.0 chipset.
  • True, customizable airflow control (VooPoo refers to this as “infinite adjustable airflow”).
VINCI X 2 Kit and VINCI 2 Kit

Yes, you read that correctly!

Both kits now incorporate a sliding airflow mechanism that allows you to adjust the airflow to your satisfaction. The original kits, on the other hand, only feature the “flip-the-pod-around” mechanism for controlling their airflows. You should have seen the look on my face when I spotted this airflow slider!

Both kits contain RBA and Smart mode, which is a new feature compared to the first generation Vinci’s, as demonstrated in the latest Drag series. Vapers can switch between these modes whenever they choose.

Impressions and first-hand knowledge

From the exterior, the kits are displayed professionally and cleanly, with a large number 2 at the front of the box. The inside of the kit box, which contains the gadget and its attachments, is simple and basic. I like it: no kerfuffle is absolutely my style!

VINCI X 2 Kit and VINCI 2 Kit

As with other vape devices, the contents of the kit and other information may be found on the package. Having had boxes of the previous Vinci’s, I must say that VooPoo’s presentation of the new Vinci’s is now a bit more mature. The package is sufficiently elegant and does not appear cheap.

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