Khali Vapors Review

Everything about Khali Vapors is California based even their lab is located in California. This company has a true Cali vibe and its juices are spread throughout the world to give everyone a piece of their home to take with them. Each juice is named after a special landmark, resort, and each flavor they use is normal a Cali treat favorite. Founded in Long Beach, California in 2013 where it is always sunny, honoring the fictional story of Queen Khalia.

Khali Vapors takes as much time as they need to make sure that each juice is made perfectly from ingredients supplied from their origin and they will stop at nothing to share the love of their beloved state with irresistible vape juice flavors. They give you a little taste of everything from fruity, creamy, and even some mentholated flavors.

Their VG/PG ratio of 60/40 is to guarantee you an even amount of scrumptious flavor and thick clouds that’ll support you need to show off your vape juice cloud tricks with an lush aroma that anyone could love. If you can’t go to Cali, you can bring Cali to you. Take a look at Khali vape juice variety of flavors for yourself and I promise that you’ll find something that will leave you drooling in excitement.

Khali Vapors Vape Juice Flavor Profile Review

Khali Vapors Devil’s Punchbowl

Don’t be frightened by the name of this silly juice. If anything it’s a good thing because Satan himself can’t claim this juice due to its heavenly taste. The mixture of guava and peach will uplift your mood and mindset sending you into a peaceful state of mind with it’s sensation of having a sip of a sweet nectarous drink completely unfolds in your mouth. The blend is so smooth that once you get a puff the taste of guava and peach will flow swiftly across your tongue making each taste bud sing with joy on the inhale. It will revive each and everyone once you blow the mist of the Devil’s Punchbowl out of your mouth carrying it’s precious scent with it while the remaining bits of flavor lingers just a bit longer on the exhale.

Khali Vapors Devil’s Punchbowl ICE

Nothing like a chilled glass of guava and peach punch filled with ice cold cubes on a nice sunny day. Imagine sitting out next to a pool and having the taste of sweet punch at your leisure without having to worry about it getting warm and nasty. Every puff will give you the same taste each and every time with a frosty tone to it. On the inhale you’ll get a light touch of menthol carrying itself with the flavors of guava and peach. On the exhale the menthol will intensify just a bit as it drags the luxurious taste of lip-smacking punch with it.

Khali Vapors Golden Gates

It’s not ice cream. It’s not a popsicle. It’s a creamsicle, meaning that it has a shell of a popsicle and a center that’s made of ice cream. This specific creamsicle is made of an orange popsicle for the outer layer and sweet delicious vanilla ice cream on the inside. Giving you a creamy and tangy moment that is hard to forget but not to regret. On the inhale you’ll get a bold burst of tangy citrus from the orange as it slowly introduces the taste of smooth vanilla ice cream as well as a really light touch of menthol with it. On the exhale when the two flavors escape from your mouth making you feel like you just came back from the Golden Gates.

Khali Vapors Hearst Castle

Spoonfuls and spoonfuls of delicious honeydew melon yogurt right in the Hearst Castle making you feel elegant and fancy. That’s what this flavor will make you feel like once you get a taste of it. A mouthful of yogurt and a mindful of vacation, what could be better than that? On the inhale a gush of sweet honeydew melon will spread itself onto your tongue making sure you taste every bit of flavor that it can offer. On the exhale the creamy tones of vanilla yogurt will connect itself to the honeydew creating a yogurt flavor that is completely out of this world.

Khali Vapors The Fairmont

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Nobody. Who visits The Fairmont that’s right in Cali? Some people… But this time The Fairmont vape juice has been brought to you with the taste of exquisite pineapple ice cream. Not only will you be having pineapple ice cream but you’ll also have the pleasant tones of bitter lemon and sweet coconut right along with it. On the inhale tart lush notes of pineapple ice cream will coat your tongue with its lovely presence, tugging along the flavors of milky coconut and lip puckering lemon as you exhale.

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