Wismec Luxotic Surface Squonk Kit Review

First, let me introduce you to the Luxotic Surface Kit by Wismec …

The Wismer Surface Squonk kit is from a brand that most experienced vapers amongst you will be well acquainted with. Their Reuleaux scope of mods has been a vaper’s staple since the brand’s inception and throughout the years, they’ve launched various elite mods that have awed vapers on all fronts.

In their latest launched vapes and modes, you ‘ll discover Wismec crooked V80 and the Sinuous V200, along with the adorable Wismec Reuleaux Tinker and, the Luxotic BF Kit, which I am going to guide you with! All things considered, I was siphoned to get my hands on the Luxotic Surface Kit which includes the kestrel Squonk RDTA and looks hitting with it’s out of control structures and compact, convenient size… Beyond that, this squonk kit gets success to amaze me in many more features. To know about them, have a look below…

Inside the box, there is:

  • Wismec Luxotic Surface Mod
  • Wismec Kestrel RDTA
  • Spare glass
  • Mesh as a heating element
  • A piece of Cotton
  • Bottle of a Squonk
  • Wismec luxotic surface kit box user manual

Basic FeaturesMod

Estimated Size 78×25.5×43.5mm
Battery Single 18650 (excluded)  
Mod Output 1-80 Watts
User Modes PVW, Bypass, TC (Ni, SS, Ti), TCR
Display Size 0.49” OLED
Squonk bottle limit 6.5ml
Range of the resistance 0.05-3 ohms
Instant fire 0.001 seconds

Besides that, there is a Redesigned Avatar chipset, and numerous circuit protection wismec luxotic surface kit contents.


  • Estimated size: 24×36.7mm
  • Limit: 2ml
  • Mesh heating component
  • Long life expectancy heating mesh
  • Side refilling port
  • Side control of air-flow

Construct Ultimate Class and Design

I trust my first words on opening the standard, dark Wismec box bundling and looking at the modest however strong looking Luxotic Surface kit was, “Yes!” The dazzling structure of my Unistar (shading) Luxotic and the coordinating trickle tip on the kestrel RDTA really make this kit fly on early introductions.

Wismec Luxotic Surface Mod

Alright, so the Surface is fundamentally the same as fit as a fiddle and dimensions to the Luxotic BF Kit which I possess, the only contrast being adjusted edges, rather than squared off edges and the way that the Surface is about 1mm taller and smaller when you’re confronting it from the squonk bottle side.

Visually the mod contrasts in that there’s no brushed metal completion… the case, evidently, is a blend of zinc alloy, ABS, POM and a cluster of other acronyms which are, I hear, safe to utilize. The whole kit is dark, with simply the removable front board and your preferred trickle tip in the plan.

Hues are overly brilliant and alluring and the mod feels profound yet agreeable close by, with the get did with having all the earmarks of being totally scratch safe.

The backside of the mod:

The back of the mod has the Wismec brand thrown into the center, with a kind of twofold Y shape encompassing the brand as a kind of grasp finishing.

Top of the mod:

The top of the mod is spotless put something aside for a SS tank seating with a profound, spring stacked, fantastic BF connection.

The base of the mod:

Like the first Luxotic, the Surface has a polarized matrix at the base, which you expel, along with the charged front board, so as to slide out and refill the silicon squonk bottle which is inside.

 Because the Luxotic, which houses the Avatar chip, is managed and fully included, you gain a power board down one side with a practically rectangular, thumb tip measured flame button, with a fine spot finishing and a muted yet particularly present snap. Beneath that is a 0.49″ OLED screen which shows pictorial battery level, wattage, opposition, and voltage.

Beneath that are two one next to the other change buttons with the equivalent finishing as the flame button and all controls and screen are put inside the upper portion of that one restricted side of the mod.

Unfortunately, this mod does not bolster onboard charging, so there is no small scale USB port.

What’s inside the mod?

In the Wismec Surface mod, this little metal lattice, which has a tab along the edge for access, actually has an entirely recognizable move when you endeavor to wobble it… it clicks from side to side, which isn’t extraordinary. The enlivened sideboard remains on with the assistance of 3 tremendous magnets and is evacuated to uncover a cozy chamber for one 18650, with a small box that houses the chip and such and a silicon squonk bottle underneath that.

The jug has a decent SS top and, to my pleasure, slides sad the base, abandoning a silicon plug, which will dispose of spillage inside the mod and a long SS tube which guarantees you draw your juice from the base of the jug. Except if you are cautious, the battery chamber screen or enhanced board will, in general, go in at an edge when you attempt to supplant it, you need to adjust it cautiously so as to give the magnets a chance to snap it back on in the flawless position.

Kestrel RDTA

Presently, the squonk RDTA is in no way, shape or form an innovation, since Asmodeus did it in the Nefarius, just as iJoy with their Combo Squonk RDTA; amongst others… be that as it may, I have never utilized one of these myself. What is certainly new here is the work plate that this RDTA utilizes, which, allegedly, isn’t only very strong, yet additionally replaceable, with an extra which is incorporated into the extras here?

Structure of the RTDA:

The base of this RDTA, which has a BF 510 connection at the base (can be supplanted with a normal stick) is basically only a slender SS circle, with enough thickness for a solitary o-ring to seal the glass in place. Over that is a small tank section, down into which a sheet of cotton wraps on either side, with a work plate component fitted over the cotton in the chamber, and a covering contraption which tightens over the plate to hold it set up. This contraption likewise channels wind stream through the side wind stream openings and over the highest point of the plate.

It sounds bizarre and it is peculiar however it would appear that it may work, in spite of the fact that I don’t know why they have allowed this fixing piece to cut over the highest point of the plate and successfully close the wind current over an expansive portion of its surface… that appears as though somewhat of a waste which may frustrate season production. Over this 2ml tank section, you see the chamber which has a solitary piece top and external barrel, decreased at the top to a pleasant looking gum dribble tip, which resembles an 810 all things considered yet actually has the opening size of a 510 inside. The base of this barrel includes the equivalent indented spot finishing as the control buttons.

There is a small, 5mm wind stream space either side the barrel and, when you pull that barrel off, a fill opening is uncovered on the side of the internal barrel, for when you’re utilizing this RDTA in a non-squonking limit. It’s anything but difficult to confuse the fill opening with one of the wind stream spaces when you supplant the top after a gander at your loops, so simply keep an eye out for that.

Conclusively, there a lot of components here which look as though they will confine the airflow, that small internal space, small wind current openings and a restricted, conceivably sub-510 dribble tip.

Extras Accompanied:

All the components are incorporated for evacuating the seal and changing the loop, just as an additional curl/work plate, cotton sheets, o-rings, and an additional squonk bottle. No link is incorporated as there is no onboard charge here.

 Performance of Wismec Luxotic Surface:

As I have observed, Airflow is very tight on this setup, joined with a high clamor factor when you draw that deteriorates the more tightly you set that wind stream. On the flavor front, I’m baffled to state this isn’t the sort of flavor I would expect from a work and RDTA combo. I’m presently vaping a coolant creme soft drink seasoned e-squeeze in two tanks, one is the Kestrel, the other is a customary sub-ohm tank with work coils at a similar obstruction and at a similar wattage and I’m disillusioned to state that the flavor is especially quieted on the Kestrel… even contrasted with the ordinary sub ohm tank.

Dribbling onto these loops alleviates that issue however this isn’t a dripper, due to the restricted opening in the trickle tip which traps your juice… it should be an RDTA however, yet it’s not by any stretch of the imagination rebuildable and is anything but a dripper.

I believe that the modest perforations on the work plate might be responsible, joined with other elements like the clouding of surface territory on the plate and the positioning of the wind stream over the highest point of the plate. It simply isn’t fulfilling, season-savvy.

Vapor production is good however the vapor is dull, with an absence of flavor… sorry! To the extent squonking and convenience goes… with this RDTA squonker setup to as far as anyone knows to make things simpler….it doesn’t.

I’ve discovered that only the main crush on a full jug attempts to fill the tank, after which a vacuum is made inside the silicon bottle, which you then need to uncover by opening the mod and endeavor to press at the exceptionally base of the jug… which scarcely helps, actually. Each and every time I use it, I have this issue and it is, therefore, considerably less than convenient.

Another inconvenience is the little framework spread at the base of the mod. I can see this thing losing all sense of direction in the future, as it tends to slide off and oust when being used, in a sack or in a pocket. I additionally discovered that, after one or two squonk bottles brimming with my ordinary juice were done, an overwhelming buildup lay all over the work plate, most likely genuinely influencing flavor, which isn’t good in the first place and which I have not seen with a similar squeeze on other coils.

I end up getting bounty dry hits here, gratitude to a squonker that really fills the tank and a work plate that vapourises at a high rate, depleting a simply wet wick in all respects rapidly. Beyond that, controls are responsive, with precise new curl readings and strong, exact inclination control execution. TC, on the other hand, feel cold all rounds, the temperatures simply feel lower than they should, for both Ni and SS. Controls are instinctive, hand feel is good and warmth distribution and obstruction is extraordinary, directly through the gadget’s range.

Step by step instructions to fill

In the case of filling manually:

  • Draw off the barrel
  • Fill through the side fill opening… not one of the airflow ports
  • Supplant the barrel

While squonking:

  • Evacuate the base framework and the front board
  • Slide the jug out the base
  • Fill
  • Supplant, pushing until the plug seals the jug in
  • Supplant the boards
  • Press until the tank tops off

The most effective method to Change the Coil

  1. Take off the barrel/top
  2. Unscrew the two infinitesimal screws however don’t evacuate them, as they are hard to manage when free since they are little.
  3. Haul out the fixing piece once the screws are free, holding upstanding to keep the screws safe at the place.
  4. Evacuate the mesh plate
  • Evacuate the wick and supplant that if necessary
  • Replace the plate
  • Supplant the plastic fixing plate wismec luxotic surface kit kestrel mesh
  • Stock Coil Performance

The mesh warming plates, which check in at 0.25 Ohm yet rapidly ascend in obstruction with the waste develop on the plate, basically don’t skim my pontoon. I’ve been vaping this coil, which is currently at 0.3 Ohms, at 60 W and juice consumption and vapor production are enormous… yet without the flavor.

I needed to cherish these coils yet lamentably the absence of flavor nullifies the point of an RDTA and a squonker for me. The fast muck develops on the coils (which isn’t the aftereffect of the juice I’m utilizing, yet more a consequence of intemperate dry hits and a fine perforation which possibly doesn’t allow particles through the loop, actually leaves a terrible preference for my mouth.

Anything but difficult to build!

Wismec is calling this an RDTA yet there is nothing DIY about it, as you can only fit it with these work plates, which I don’t extravagant at all. Refitting is simple enough, yet the screws are a close minute.

Instructions to Operate the Menu System

  • 5 ticks on
  • 5 Clicks off
  • 3 Clicks to enter Mode Menu
  • Left or ideal to scroll
  • Flame to choose

Step by step instructions to replace The batteries

  • Evacuate the shaded front board
  • Evacuate the battery
  • Supplant as indicated by markers
  • Supplant the board

Long Lasting Battery Life

Battery life is normal and what you would expect from a solitary 18650 vape, giving me around 6-7 hours of strong 60W vaping.

Advantages Disadvantages
Scratch proof wrap up   It’s not by any means a Rebuildable
Splendid and appealing enhancing finish   The limited dribble tip opening isn’t adequate for use as a dripper
Ergonomic size and shape   The flavor is exceptionally poor
Strong power execution   Exceptionally fast waste build on the mesh plate  
Good vapor production   Bunches of dry hits  

Final Verdict:

It looked so good on the SURFACE however that is the place the goodness closes. I find vaping on the kestrel RDTA and Luxotic Surface mod both baffling and uninspiring and I am sorry to see that I can’t prescribe it. Troubles squonking and a close total absence of flavor have quite recently abandoned me with a (strict) terrible preference for my mouth, sorry! In case you’re after a Luxotic, go for the BF model. On the off chance that you’ve lost or broke the gadget, you would get it yourself something that it supposedly does alternatively!

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