The Fast Rising Teen Vaping Trend: 2019 Update

Teen vaporizer use is reaching unprecedented levels. It is rising faster than cigarettes, and the gain in popularity is growing exponentially. Certain uninformed individuals see no threat to the teen vaping trend due to grossly underestimating the health consequences. America’s teens alone report 37.3 percent of 12th graders had vaped within the last year. In 2017, this number tallied just 27.8%. Nicotine vaping doubled in the same period the opioid use dipped, and use of cannabis seeds remained stable. Even those vaping flavoring alone doubled from 2017 to 2018 as well. Vapes are easy to get, and the scary truth is that more youth are smoking than ever. Here we’ll be taking a close look at the facts, taking you through an in-depth look at the fast-rising teen vaping trend.

The Real Danger Behind Vaping

Nicotine vaping is habitual for one in five children. While this is often seen as a consequence of trying to control the global epidemic which results in one billion premature deaths this century, the harm is still very real. Vapes claim to be cleaner, but the lack of regulation means that even this safer method of smoking is still harmful. Vaping has many constituents which are toxic and unregulated. The nicotine concentrations of many products are untrustworthy as manufacturers push for cheaper and cheaper products. All of this is still assuming that vaping is an adequate exercise with its own set of health risks. Much of the problem lies in the fact that people don’t know the actual effects and health complications.

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Toxic Vape Juice

Just because vape juice says that it is only 5% nicotine, this does not mean that it is 95% harmless. Studies show that most 12th graders think they’re inhaling a harmless gas. It only proved that these same teenagers are four times as likely to move away from vaping and cigarettes after learning the harm. There are many known toxic compounds and trace elements of heavy metal found in vaping products. E-liquids and other forms of vape juice use a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Flavorings and compounds like nicotine are then added to this carrier. The scents and flavors added to most types of vape juice are called Aldehydes. While totally organic, they’re safe for food not for smoking or vaping. For example, vanillin gives you vanilla while benzaldehyde delivers the taste of smell of almonds. Added elements like diacetyl grant depth to the vape. As these elements vaporize, the heat causes the formation of formaldehyde and other carcinogens. This leads to inflammation and irritation, raising the risk of lung disease. Further research now shows that even these chemicals interact as they are heated which opens the potential for hundreds of unknown toxic compounds.

Preliminary Effects of Vaping

Vaping links to increased shortness of breath, more severe coughs and cases of fever. It associates to cases of lipoid pneumonia, and widespread inflammation occurs. When nicotine vaporizes the full consequences of addiction and alterations in brain chemistry ensue. The short term effects are often underestimated as negligible, but as you can see, they can be quite severe. Vaping means that you’re ingesting trace elements of nickel, tin, and lead, all of which hold ties to cancer. They also affect reproductive health. Misundering the risks can lead to a range of unintended effects and long-term consequences. The FDA lists no less than 93 potentially harmful or harmful compounds in vaping. It’s far less than the 7000 or so in cigarettes but still far from safe.

Lung Irritation

Vaping causes lung irritation and damage which mimics the effects of tobacco smoking. Immune system cells are stressed by regular vaping which results in a string of long term complications. Apoptosis and necrosis in macrophages rise as a result of low-level cytotoxicity. The irritation is of the same type as that exhibited by other types of smoking. E-cigarette and vaporizer vapor can induce an inflammatory state within the lungs and partial dependence on nicotine. Research also declares that bacterial clearance suffers, raising the risk of diseases and infection. Teen vaping has reached such a level that on December 18th, 2018, Surgeon General Jerome Adams declared the fourth advisory issued from his office ever ‘I am officially declaring e-cigarette use [vaping] among youth an epidemic in the United States’ stated Dr. Adams. Vape pens, pods, tanks, and countless forms of electronic nicotine delivery are flawed, and the risks are not grasped.

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Trends in Vaping

People aren’t statistics, but trends in human behavior do show where the majority of perceptions lean. Youth are more likely to try vaping than they are to try smoking cigarettes, marijuana or even drinking alcohol. While it’s true that vaping does expose users to the possibility of cannabis, it’s not a go-to for first-time users. Recent research shows that teens who vape are just as likely to try conventional cigarettes at a later stage. The first tobacco product used by teens today is an e-cigarette. However, not all hope is lost as even though this translates to 1.8 million cases of teenage vaping in 2018, this is still lower than two decades ago. Back then 22.4 percent of students smoked while today only 3.6 percent of seniors smoke daily. In the UK many people are using Vaporizers rather than smoke weed.

Handling the Problem

Start by talking about the problem in light of the facts. The chances are that your child will be far less likely to want to vape at all after learning how dangerous it is. If you’re a smoker who kicked the habit using the dependence benefits of marijuana, as you know, there are lots of healthy ways to use cannabis. People need to learn that they can easily buy weeds online, Quebec is legal as is much of the US and other areas of the world. 

Get yourself some good plants, buy online steroids, and develop a plan of self-treatment.

Canada and other legal areas of the world can buy without problems using only facilities like CBDSense. Cannabis is a much healthier alternative to vaping nicotine. It can even be used to help kick the habit if you’re addicted to cigarettes or vaping. Despite the epidemic, Cannabis use remains consistent even though it’s quickly reaching legal status all around the world. Information and awareness are the answer to addressing today’s teen vaping problem but even though the trend is undesirable we can still all agree that the war against smoking and nicotine is on the way to being won.

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