Vaping & Alcohol: Best Combinations

They say the best things in life come in a pair of two. And while there are some unbreakable everlasting duos as old as time, modern era changes have come between one of the most appreciated couples known: the good smoke and strong booze. However, one must say that this change is rather very acceptable.

Vaping is slowly taking over the traditional cigarette smoking and this allows the variety of alcohol flavours to create new and delightful savours combined with the endless choice of tastes vape juices come in.

Can you sense the notion of the doubled happiness we are about to present here? One of the modern couples, young but steady, is taking over the world of pleasure and sensation. Good liquor and a quality vape juice, and a whole new universe of endless pairings is opening up before you, curious pleasure seekers.

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There are two types of people out there, those who search for the perfect match for their most-loved vape juice, and those who try to find an amplifier e-liquid for their irreplaceable booze. Whether you are searching to find your best buddy’s matching other half or you enjoy experimenting with tastes and flavoursome sensations, you have found your guide for the best party night.

Here are the most popular liquors and the e-juices they match greatly with.

Wine and vape Juices

1. Dark red wine

A match made in heaven to start this list with is a good old red wine and a chocolate flavoured e-liquid. This is the most romantic pairing you’ll ever taste and it will leave you with anticipation for more.  

2. Chardonnay

Chardonnay has a very unique, fresh flavour that will match greatly with a gentle fruity taste. Strawberry, cherry or banana and also the good old vanilla taste will make a delightful combination with a sip of chardonnay.

3. Other dessert white wines

As their name suggests dessert wines are to be paired with some sweet or spicy flavours. If you enjoy a glass of good dessert-white wine, don’t hesitate to pair it with a cinnamon flavoured e-juice, moreover, a peculiar but very pleasant flavour.

Peach flavoured e-juice will enhance the fruity taste that the white wine possesses and it will be a great combination.

If you happen to be a white wine lover and enjoy a fruity vape juice any combination of flavours will be a surprisingly good savour.

And for the more curious wine lovers there, we recommend them to try pairing their favourite wine with a mellow coffee flavour from a creamy coffee vape juice or a stronger espresso e-liquid.

4. Rose wine

On this front, we recommend a sharp citrus flavour to sharpen the quality of the flavour of grapes.


The strong flavour of the gin and gin-based drinks will make a great experience paired with sharp herbal-flavours. For the lovers of a strong alcohol taste, free of sweetness a floral-based e-liquid will also appeal well.

Don’t miss the chance to try a glass of neat gin and a menthol flavoured juice. So refreshingly good!


Dark rum sticks with the good old tobacco and alcohol fusion. If you are in for sweet tastes, dark rum goes well with chocolate and dessert e-juice flavours.

White rum pairs very well with almost every fruit flavour. However, if you want the real deal, try your favourite white rum with coconut   e-liquid and thank us later.

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The most sophisticated combination for a whiskey lover will be a good bourbon and a green apple e-liquid. For a more edgy feeling make a whiskey and lemon flavour combo.

For a rewarding sweet-sour taste, combine your whiskey with the sweetness of the honey-flavour taste.


To pare tequila with vaping means to drink more than one or two shots. However, if you are a fan of lemon or lime vape juice don’t miss the chance to replace that lemon bite with a puff of smoke for some real aftertastes.


Vodka and vodka-based drinks seem to be the easiest to pair. With vodka, anything goes. The beauty of this spirit is that it doesn’t interfere with the vape juice flavour. Moreover, it enhances the scent and savours of your preferred e-juice in your mouth.

If you are driving or for whatever reason you want to avoid the tipsy feeling alcohol rewards you with, you can always choose to enjoy your liquor taste through a puff of smoke. E-liquids come in various alcohol and cocktail flavours that will reward your taste buds with the same flavour as your fave booze does.

Enjoy yourself but don’t forget to drink and vape responsibly! Moderation, that is the key to life!

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