Most Expensive Vape Mods of All Time

If you were to have one of these vape mods in your possession, you’d be among the world’s elite class of vapers. If not, it’s a lot of fun to just look at what you could get with the right funds at your disposal.

Here are the 5 most expensive vaping mods of all time.

5. Gepetto Elite V2 Vape Mod – $2,500

All Gepetto Elite V2 models are made from handcrafted so you will never find two that are the same. The designer wanted to give each one a personalized feel, which is why each Elite V2 mod is around $2,500.

However, because they are highly sought after, they are very difficult to get your hands on. Don’t be surprised to see one go for more than $3,000 if it becomes available.

4. Otto Carter Vape Mod – $3,000

Otto Carter is a highly skilled engraver that has created his own expensive vape. If you wanted to hire him out for your, be prepared to reach deep into your wallets purses – even his most simple of creations will cost you over $1,000.

His work is incredibly difficult and takes a lot of time to perfect. If you have the funds and are prepared to wait, you will get a totally unique vape.

3. Top Hat Mods Vape Mod – $10,000

You may already be familiar with the Top Hat brand, picking up most of their products for around the $50 mark. This particular model is the TI 26650 and will set you back around $10,000. It’s so exclusive that it has sold out from the Top Hat Mods store. If you really want one, you’ll have to go through a third-party store.

However, even the price of this vape seems tiny compared to the remaining two.

2. Magic Valley Vapors SX350J Dual Mod 18650 – $109,000

The Magic Valley Vapors SX350J Dual Mod 18650 is a 3D printed vape and was designed to make changes without using any tools. If you don’t want to create your own 3D printed vape, you’re looking at spending over $100,000 to get your hands on this very exclusive device.

However, even with this hefty price tag, it doesn’t even come close to the most expensive vape mod in the world.

1.   Sofia From Shisha Sticks – $887,000

At $887,000, the Sofia is by far the most expensive vape mod ever purchased. It has earned this mammoth price tag from its diamond, crystal and gold encrusted shell; specifically, it features a 24-carat gold firing button, hand-blown Italian Murano glass, and 246 pieces of 2-carat diamonds. Even the tip was fitted with a six-carat oval diamond reported to be worth over $60,000.

If you’re wondering who would spend this much on a vape, that title belongs to a Russian billionaire that wanted to surprise his girlfriend. This means that, even if you could afford to buy this jewel, you won’t be able to get your hands on it.

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