4 Tips which will help you to Quit smoking

4 Tips which will help you to Quit smoking

Gathering enough courage to decide that maybe you finally did reach that point when you want to quit smoking is the most difficult part of this battle. And thus, if you are thinking to quit smoking any sooner, start making small changes to your lifestyle just to push away the cravings and divert your mind until it passes. Cause researchers say that the cravings to smoke mostly lasts for 3 to 5 minutes. Shop vape products like e-cigarettes as they have proved to be quite efficient ones too.

So taking small steps does not really matter even if it’s at a very slow pace, but in the end, winning this battle is all you want and it is the only thing which matters.

Here comes a list of some effective ways which might help you in your journey to stop smoking.

Make a schedule to quit smoking

As soon as you find yourself in that stage when you have decided to give up smoking completely, fix a date and make it a point to stick to it. Fixing a date, in this case, will help you to adapt to the sudden changes in a better way and you will get enough time to prepare yourself too. You can either choose to quit randomly or continue smoking until you reach your date which you have fixed for yourself and then stop or you can choose to quit gradually or reduce your consumption slowly or shop vape products and use them until your quit date and then stop. It completely depends upon your choice and choose any of the methods which suit you the most.

Bring in small but important changes in your daily lifestyle

You may have tried to quit smoking before and not managed to stick to it for long. However, go through all those times and introspect the reasons which made you change your mind every time. Take your time but try to think of certain suitable ways for yourself so that you do not end up to become your own barrier in this time too. Look back at those times and focus on those moments more which made you believe that you are really going to quit this time no matter whatever happens.

4 Tips which will help you to Quit smoking

Here are some useful tips which might help you to prepare yourself for the date which you have fixed for yourself:

  • Throw away all the burnt cigarette butts, ashtrays, cigarettes and even empty cigarette packets.
  • Inform your friends and family that you are trying to quit smoking and ask those who smoke to not smoke around you.
  • Make a notable stock of oral substitutes like sugarless gums, chocolates, hard candy, etc.
  • Take the help of a friend or family member who has quit smoking and is looking forward to encouraging you and helping you till the end.
  • Keep yourself busy at those times of the day when you usually smoke up.
  • Avoid food items which might trigger your urge to smoke.
  • When you are feeling an urge to smoke, try not to go to those places or rooms where you usually smoke a cigarette.

Consider Nicotine Replacement Therapy or opt for a quit smoking program

As and when you stop smoking gradually, nicotine withdrawal might give you sudden headaches, mood swings or will make you feel dizzy and weak. Trying to stop yourself from taking that ‘one drag’ seems to be the toughest. However, you can shop vape products and take their help to go through this phase. Or you might also opt for Nicotine Replacement Theories. You can also take the help of a therapist who might help you to cope with this situation in a better and easier way.

4 Tips which will help you to Quit smoking

Find out different ways to relax

Most of the people start to smoke either to cope with stress or because nicotine usually helps to relax. And thus you need to find out some other options for yourself which will help you to relax and avoid stressful situations during the period when you are trying to quit smoking.

Here are a handful of them which might help you in some way.

  • Make time for those hobbies which you have lost touch with.
  • Start reading motivational articles and novels.
  • Listen to music whenever you get a bit of free time or feel to relax for a short period.
  • Make a habit to exercise every day.
  • Go for early morning jogs or walks which will help you to start your day in a refreshed way.
  • Connect with your friends and call up that cousin whom you could not manage to text back properly ever.
  • Gift yourself a massage session.

Summing up

There are a number of useful ways to quit smoking effectively. However, find out that one reason why you want to quit. It may be for your family or to avoid the chances of getting heart disease, lung cancer and other problems. Find out a personal and powerful reason for yourself which will motivate you all throughout. And lastly, you can always shop vape products and take them as it will make it a lot less stressful for you.

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