5 CBD Vape Essentials you need in your travel Kit

CBD Vape Essentials you need in your travel Kit

CBD has become an essential part of people’s lives. Millions of individuals worldwide are now using the once illegal drug to treat various health conditions. People now include it on their travel list. That is to ensure they don’t miss a dose of the compound even when they are traveling. But first, you need to know that countries have different rules regarding the use of CBD. That means before you think of traveling with CBD products, do proper research about your destination. Once you find that the country allows the use of CBD, you can go ahead and travel with the product.

But then, how do you carry your CBD vape? What are some of the essential things that you need in your travel kit? Those are questions that most travelers tend to ask whenever they think about traveling with CBD vape. Well, worry, not. By the end of this article, you will be fully aware of the 5 CBD vape essentials that you need in your travel kit. Having the mentioned items will enable you to have a remarkable time using your CBD vape away from home.


The first thing you need to ensure you have in your travel kit if you are a frequent vaper is the E-juice. It is one of the critical parts of CBD vape essentials that you should never miss, or else you will have nothing to vape. An e-juice is the liquid you use alongside a vaporizer for you to come up with the vapor you need to inhale.

Without an e-juice, your vaporizer will have nothing to heat and vaporize, and that means there will be no vapor to inhale. The main composition of e-juice includes flavorings, water, vegetable glycerin, or propylene glycol and nicotine. You should, however, be aware that the amount of nicotine varies from one vape juice to another. There are some that lack the substance.

Most of the e-juice contents contain either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. The other things only make a few sections of the product. The choice on whether to use vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol depends on your personal preference. That is because they deliver different hits.

The good thing about CBD e-juice or e-liquids is that they come in small sizes, making it easy to carry them around. It is, however, advisable that you refrain from storing them with other items in case of spills.


One of the highest selling products in a cannabis store is the cartridge. The product has become very popular ever since CBD vaporizers came to life. The part fits the vaporizer base. It then acts as a route for the mist to go by before entering your mouth.

The market has plenty of cartridges made from different materials, including aluminum, ceramic, or glass. The type of material you pick is essential since it determines the kind of vaping experience you are going to get.  Cartridges also come with different contents, including terpenes, CBD or THC.

You need to make sure that before you walk out of the door, you have a cartridge in your CBD travel kit. If your current CBD cartridge shows any signs of depreciation, then you must carry a replacement. That is because you have no idea if the destination has the type of cartridge your CBD vaporizer uses.

Remember, it is among the essentials of CBD vape that you don’t need to miss more, so if you are traveling to a foreign country. Unlike vape juice, CBD cartridges are typically small and easily portable. All you have to do is place it securely in your kit. To avoid any scratches, cracks or breakage, make sure you place your cartridge between soft pads or any other soft material.

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CBD vape pen

If you are new to CBD products, you must be wondering what a vaporizer is and why you need one in your travel kit. A vaporizer is a primary component that makes vaping possible. The engineering of the device is fantastic, and that is why it continues to grow in popularity. It is always undergoing advancements with scientists trying to improve its functionality.

A vape pen heats the vape juice at high temperatures and turns it to vapor. It then allows the vapor to rise and enter your system. The heating process may be convection, conduction, or induction, depending on the type of vape pen you are using.For additional reading,one can visit various sites that can help one with the latest CBD vape pen reviews.

Most portable vape pens use conduction heating. That is because it heats the contents faster to give you the vapor you want to feel great. It, however, does not provide an excellent flavor of your e-juice. Vape pens that use convection heating, on the other hand, are perfect for individuals who want a better taste. There is also induction heating that is not very popular but very good at ensuring fast heating time and delivering remarkable flavor of the e-juice.

Modern vape pens allow you to control the heating temperatures. That makes it easy for you to enjoy great flavors of your e-juice. So be sure you bring along the right vape pen that is going to ensure you have a smooth and incredible vaping session.

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Vaporizer battery

If you are traveling to remote locations where electricity is rare, then you should bring along a vaporizer whose battery is interchangeable. That is because you can charge your batteries and only switch them whenever they run out of power. It is thus among the essentials that you need in your travel kit.

Unlike many other products that utilize batteries, you need to be watchful whenever you are dealing with a vaporizer battery. First, make sure you check the type of cells that your vaporizer allows. You can find that information in your CBD vaporizer manual. Pay more attention to the mAh of the required batteries.

If you make a mistake to purchase your vaporizer battery without having a look at the manual, you may end up buying a battery that is either too powerful or less powerful. That is something you don’t want to experience while on your travel.

Once you purchase the right batteries, ensure that you pack it well to avoid any damages that may occur. Also, make sure that you notify the flight attendant that you are carrying some batteries so that they may guide you on how you can store them. It is one item that will ensure you have a good and uninterrupted CBD vaping session.

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USB charger

Just like your smartphone, your CBD vaporizer requires a charger for it to function. The primary function of the charger is to power up your battery so that it has the power needed to produce heat. Without power, there will be no heat, and so your e-juice will not undergo vaporization.

Make sure you pack the right USB charger so that you can charge your vaporizer and ensure they are functioning throughout. It is the first thing you should pack in case you tend to forget quickly.

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The above list contains the five CBD vape essentials that you need to carry in your travel kit if at all you are planning to bring your vaporizer with you. The information also explains explicitly the uses of each item and why you need it. Missing a single item on the above list is likely going to see you skip your CBD dose since your vaporizer requires all the things mentioned above for it to function correctly.

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