5 Things You Need to Know About Flying with CBD

Flying with CBD

What do you do when you get on the wrong side of the law? What if this happens at the hands of the powerful TSA agents who can decide the success of your flight? This is what you need to know to be on the safe side of traveling with CBD oil on flights.

Unlike carrying a chocolate bar with you to enjoy during your flight, you’re now worried about taking your CBD oil on the plane due to the obvious security reasons. You are now torn between staying back in your CBD oil approved state or are thinking of incorporating some dubious means to get through the checkpoints! That’s the first thing you shouldn’t do as it will most likely land you in a definite pit!

You cannot forfeit your flight but CBD oil has become the part of you. We understand the dread you might be in but you need to take it easy. Transportation Security Administration – otherwise referred to as the checkpoint guys are now more lenient towards hemp products following the 2018 Farm Bill on hemp legalization. Now is the time to have a sigh of relief! Nonetheless, there are restrictions and regulations put in place in their ‘What Can I Bring’ section which is complicated for most people. This article is meant to simplify that and give you a clear answer on, ‘can you fly with CBD oil?’ Read to the end for more.

Can You Fly With CBD Oil?

As already said, YES you can!

Nevertheless, there will be several restrictions that could land you in trouble should you fail to be keen on. This could not only lead you into an embarrassing moment in the airport’s security line but it could also see you miss your flight as you answer to a local security agent. Here are a few takeaways before you decide to bring CBD oil on the plane.

1.      Product Legitimacy

✔      Your product needs to come from a reputable supplier recognized by FDA such as CBD Huntr.

2.      Compliance to Farm Bill

✔      The THC levels are what may primarily get you disqualified from carrying your CBD oil as these need to be at an all-time low of 3%.

3.      Hemp vs Marijuana

✔      There’s a difference between CBD oil from hemp plants as compared to those sourced from the marijuana plant. CBD Huntr endeavors to always source out hemp products which are the recommended variety through TSA checkpoints. Even though both hemp and marijuana come from the Cannabis Sativa plant, CBD oil in its purest form is best sourced from hemp.

4.      TSA Liquid Rules

✔      If your CBD oil is in liquid form and placed in your hand-bag, then the carry-on 3-1-1 liquid rules will still apply to you. This means your liquid has to be less than 3.4 ounces and should comfortably fit in a 1-quart plastic bag. This is simply because CBD oil is yet to be categorized as ‘medication’ in the liquid travel rules which makes exceptions for certain liquids such as breast milk.

5.      Visiting State/ Country’s CBD Oil Regulations

✔  Check up with the state you are visiting to ensure you comply with their marijuana rules.

            International rules may apply somewhat differently to CBD oil legal status in the US. For instance, while in most of the US a .3% of THC is called out for, Europe allows only less than .2%. You thus need to be equipped with the CBD oil legality in the country you are traveling to.

What You Need To Know About CBD Oil on Plane

There are a few simple tricks that could save your precious time as well as all the worries of having CBD oil on the plane. First and foremost, make sure that it’s a medical hemp in your bag. This simply means that you ought to be ready to defend yourself with a legal doctor’s recommendation/prescription. This is where you start calming the nerves of a TSA agent who’s had a terrible morning.

Save yourself a great deal of stress by taking your CBD oil dosage before leaving home. The soothing and calming effects will release all your anxiety before reaching 30,000 feet above the sea level. If your CBD oil is primarily meant for sleep, then your flight experience should be one of a kind.

Nonetheless, if you want to use CBD oil during your flight, consider carrying CBD gummies, chocolates, sprays, CBD oil tablets or some other edibles in your hand carry. It will be much easier and genuine to explain to the TSA agent if it is found in your hand-carry than anywhere else. Make sure your prescriptions are close by.

We cannot emphasize this enough – make sure you source only the best products. This is simply everything you need to know about CBD oil on planes and flights. However, you also need to be aware of the possible side effects of CBD oil as well as the advantages during your flight.

CBD Oil Health Benefits during Transit

●        Long flights become much bearable as you will sleep well.

●        CBD oil and anxiety is perhaps the biggest attribute here. Whether you are going on vacation or for a business meeting, flights have a way of making you stressed up. CBD oil for anxiety ensures you aren’t worked up while also addressing your aerophobia.

●        The anti-inflammation properties of CBD oil will make that 9hr-long flight in that rigid seat a lot more comfortable.

Side Effects of CBD Oil on Flight

Even though the CBD oil benefits are viable enough to consider, we would do you wrong if we failed to list the potential risks you’ll be exposing yourself to:

o   Heightened vertigo effects may increase your dizziness and nausea causing you to vomit more on higher altitudes using CBD oil.

o   Since you’ll be in a low atmospheric pressure region, CBD oil may worsen your blood pressure especially if you have cases of LBP.

o   The common dry mouth effect of CBD oil may accompany you throughout your flight. Make sure the flight attendants regularly renew your water supply.


Even after putting all the necessary measures in place, you should still pray as you have your fingers crossed since by law, you are still under the mercy of the TSA agent on what to carry for your flight. Courtesy will go a long way to smoothen the process as you give them a charming smile – sure you can manage one of those. What form of CBD oil product would you rather have during your flight?

Author’s Bio:  Rich is a writer and editor who prides in sourcing the best CBD oil merchandise. He understands the limited knowledge about the product and has been educating the masses in his blog since 2014 on everything-hemp. He is also fascinated by boat riding, mountain climbing and getting high in high places.

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