A Beginner’s Guide To Stealth Smoking – How To Smoke Weed Incognito

The legalization of weed, along with proven medicinal benefits, has eliminated the stigma to a considerable extent. But the world is still far from embracing it completely, so you may want to indulge discreetly. However, things can get a tad more challenging if you are a smoking enthusiast because clouds aren’t easy to hide. Still, you can smoke weed incognito with the right attitude and techniques. But mastering stealth smoking is an art and takes some experience. Let us share a beginner’s guide that can help you smoke without being too prominent.

Start with the right attitude

When it comes to being discrete about smoking weed, nothing is more important than the right attitude. Being weird means that you have something to hide, which will make others suspicious and draw attention for the wrong reasons. Staying normal is the key, so just follow your routines and find opportunities for a stealthy smoking session when you are sure that no one is watching.

Store discretely

Even before you plan stealthy smoking sessions, ensure that you store your stash discretely. It will not really help to conceal consumption if these products are easily visible around your place. While you must follow the right storage guidelines to keep your weed fresh and fragrant, keeping it out of sight is equally important. Also, pack the buds in a double bag to make sure that the aroma isn’t a giveaway. Think of unusual yet safe areas if you don’t want your family or flatmates to know.

Choose a stealth device

The choice of the right device is perhaps the most crucial aspect of smoking incognito. Fortunately, you can explore an extensive variety of stealth smoking devices if you are really serious about going discrete. Larger devices are bound to make things more visible. Sub-ohm mods wouldn’t be right because they make more noise and bigger clouds, which are the last things you would want if you don’t want to capture attention. On the other hand, pod mod systems are ideal for stealth smoking.

Manage clouds

Clouds, even small ones, are easily noticeable, and you need to manage them properly to master the skill of stealth smoking. The idea is to disperse them before they are visible in the air. Consider using a filter that can absorb the majority of the smoke before it rises into the air. You can blow the cloud through a paper towel or into your shirt. The technique can cut down the amount of smoke released into the air.

Hold it longer

Another surefire way to minimizing the amount of cloud in the air is by holding the puff longer before you exhale. The longer you hold it, the lesser is the amount released. So you have better chances of making it discrete as lighter cloud disperses quickly. You get the added benefit of more intense high with your weed. The session ends up with a better experience, without anyone even knowing about it.

Although stealth smoking sounds like a complicated technique, it is something that even newbies can easily handle. The right equipment and some learning will help you do it sooner rather than later.

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