An In-Depth Look: Alt Zero Vape Juice

Alt Zero is a brand dedicated to their customers. Their three principles are do the best, use the best, and help the most. Alt Zero vape juice has a collaboration with Canadian DJ, Excision to bring not only Alt Zero fans to the table but also Excision fans as well. Alt Zero vape juices provide extreme exhilarating flavors that will have your mouth salivating.

Alt Zero Ejuice Flavors

Just Blues

The newest juice available from Alt Zero is here and taking names. Just Blues brings your taste buds the almost overwhelming taste of your favorite blue candies. This blue raspberry flavored vape juice will have you turning your nose up to any other blue raspberry vape juice. No other brand has been able to make a blue raspberry candy flavor that is so exact like Just Blues. As you inhale and exhale, the tangy blue candy flavor will drive your taste buds into a frenzy. Just Blues brings the happiness of your childhood favorite flavor in an adult treat that you won’t be able to forget.

Just Reds

Alt Zero Vape JuiceThis wonderful concoction of everyone’s favorite red candies is here to steal your taste buds heart. The flavor combo of sweet strawberries, juicy watermelon, candied cherries, and refreshing fruit punch is something that you will throw all your other vape juices away for. Just Reds brings you eminence joy with every puff. As you inhale the intense taste of maraschino cherries is the first thing you’ll taste.. As you exhale, the strawberry, watermelon, and fruit punch give your taste buds a refreshed feeling as they wash away the intense cherry flavor.

Tropical Mango

The first flavor in Alt Zero’s signature vape juice line, Tropical Mango is for sure an all-day-vape. This vape juice brings you the flavors your taste buds desire. Freshly picked tropical mango flavor will dance across your taste buds with every hit you take, awakening them like never before. As you inhale and exhale, the tropical mango taste gives the boot to your tropical island cravings and gives you a taste of perfection. No other vape juice has been able to recreate the essence of mango like Alt Zero has done. Tropical Mango by Alt Zero is truly a breathe of fresh air.

Pink Lemonade

The second flavor of Alt Zero’s signature line, Pink Lemonade is a vape juice you won’t be able to put down. This vape juice perfectly recreates the taste of drinking pink lemonade that has just the right amount of sweetness on a hot summer day. With every puff of Pink Lemonade, you will remember those wonderful summer days when drinking pink lemonade was the only way to provide some relief from the boiling heat. With every inhale and exhale, the pink lemonade flavor washes across your taste buds making them jump with joy like never before.

Alt Zero X Excision Vape Juice Review


Alt Zero Vape JuiceX-Rated is only suitable for those adults who are prepared for an intense flavor with every puff. This vape juice is rated X for the rugged use of sweet yet tart blueberry yogurt and it may contain the use of other obscene berries. With every inhale, you’ll understand the X rating of this vape juice as the blueberry yogurt assaults your taste buds in the best way. As you exhale, the flavor of the whipped berries joins in on the assault leaving your taste buds battered and craving more.


Alt Zero Vape JuiceAllow yourself to go to the dark side with Paradox. This vape juice brings you the succulent flavors of a dark dew of grape, blood citrus, and other fruity flavors that will entice every part of your being. With every puff you will believe in the dark side more than ever before. As you inhale, the grape flavor flows over your pallet and become one with your taste buds. As you exhale, the grape flavor mixes with the blood citrus and other dark fruits as if they are the missing piece of a puzzle that is now complete with these complex flavors.

Paradox On Ice

Alt Zero Vape JuiceAlt Zero and Excision have revamped their customer favorite vape juice. Now this dark vape juice blend of grape, blood citrus, with other dark fruity flavors has a menthol twist to it that will satisfy every last taste bud. With every inhale of Paradox On The Rocks the grape, blood citrus and the other dark fruits combine together in such a succulent blend that you will be vaping this all day to discover all of the jaw dropping flavor combinations. With every exhale, the menthol base rejuvenates your tastes buds and leaves them wanting more.

Robokitty Cream

Alt Zero Vape JuicePrepare for your taste buds to feel more alive than they have ever felt. Robokitty Cream brings you the most mouth-watering flavors on the market. As you inhale and exhale the flavor of yellow sponge cake with freshly harvested strawberries on top hits your taste buds, but that isn’t all. This vape juice also has the flavor of perfectly whipped cream with creamy strawberry sauce drizzled atop. Robokitty Cream encompasses the best twist on strawberry flavored vape juice within the vaping community.


Bringing Harambe back would take something short of a miracle. Alt Zero and Excision came together to get as close as they possibly could. This vape juice pays tribute to Harambe with a banana berry smoothie flavor that will give you a sucker punch of flavor with every puff. As you inhale, the banana flavor rolls across your taste buds as if you just took a bite out of a perfectly ripe banana. As you exhale, the berry fuses with the banana creating the best smoothie flavor you’ll ever taste. You defiantly fall for this e-juice.


Alt Zero is a brand that makes all of their high quality vape juice in Las Vegas. Alt Zero vape juices are crafted with the highest grade premium ingredients and every single one of their vape juices deliver an intense flavor you won’t be able to go to a different brand. Don’t miss your chance to explore the flavors of Alt Zero and Excision that are out of this world.

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