Four Easy Ways to Smoke Cocktail at Home

Do you know you no longer need to go to a bar to drink a smoked cocktail? Smoke adds depth and complexity to the drink and it can be done at home as well. It looks like smoking a cocktail is quite a skill. However, in reality, it is super easy and fun to watch.

Fortunately, there are a hundred ways to smoke a cocktail at home. If one finds the methods bartenders use to smoke cocktails difficult, he can try something else. During the strict lockdown, I almost tried every possible way of smoking the cocktail at home. However, I found these four methods easy and super fun. So, if you are trying to smoke cocktails as well here’s what worked for me;

Smoking the cocktail with hardwood

Smoking a gun is the easiest way to smoke a cocktail. However, the job can be done without it as well. To smoke a cocktail without any special equipment all you need is a small piece of hardwood(maple, oak, apple, cherry, alder, or hickory) or you can use old fashioned cocktail smoking kit.

To smoke a cocktail with the piece of hardwood;

  • Mix the cocktail at regular room temperature
  • Take a single chip of any hardwood of your choice
  • Light the hardwood chip with a lighter or blowtorch
  • When the hardwood starts turning blacker, place an empty jar over it to catch the smoke
  • When there is enough smoke, cover it with a lid
  • Bring the pre-mixed cocktail, uncover the jar and pour it in
  • Put the lid back on
  • Mix well
  • Pour the perfectly smoked cocktail into the glass and enjoy

Smoking the cocktail with garnish

Smoking the garnish is another great way to add smoke to the cocktail. To do this you need any garnish that can be lightened up, a cinnamon stick is the easiest way to smoke the cocktail.

  • Mix the cocktail and pour it into the glass
  • Light up cinnamon and wait for it to catch the smoke
  • Extinguish the fire, and put it on the rim of the cocktail glass
  • Enjoy

Smoking the cocktail with nuts

Nuts can also be used to smoke the cocktail. It also happens to be the easiest way to smoke the cocktail. To smoke the cocktail using nuts, you have to

  • Prepare the cocktail and pour it into the serving glass
  • Take any nut of your choice and light it up
  • Wait for it to catch fire and smoke
  • Extinguish the fire when it catches the smoke and put it onto the rim of the glass
  • Serve

Smoking the cocktail using a smoker

Smoking the cocktail with a smoker is my favourite way of adding smoke to my drink. To smoke using a smoker, here’s what you have to do;

  • Pour the cocktail into the serving glass
  • Place the smoker on the cocktail filled glass
  • Fill a bowl with spices or tea leaves and set them on fire
  • When the spice or tea leaves start creating a smoke, put the cap on the smoker
  • Leave it to do the magic for a good two to three minutes
  • Remove the smoker and enjoy the perfectly smoked cocktail

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