How to Tweak Your Vaping Setup for Better Flavor

Rookie Vaping Mistakes

When you first started vaping, it was probably the nicotine – and more specifically, the fact that you could get your nicotine without inhaling smoke – that attracted you. Vaping made it possible for you to use nicotine in a way that eliminated some of the harmful compounds in cigarette smoke but was still satisfying in ways that traditional nicotine replacement products weren’t.

After a while, though, you got over the hump of quitting smoking. If you’ve been vaping long enough, it’s likely that you stopped experiencing cigarette cravings long ago. To a certain extent, you still vape for the nicotine – but that’s not really the thing that keeps you interested. The thing that really makes vaping fun and exciting for you is the flavor – and that’s what this article will discuss.

If you’ve discovered the one special vape juice that really works for you – the one that tickles your palate in all the right ways – there is really nothing better. The only way that you could possibly improve your vaping experience is by finding a way to taste your favorite e-liquid even more intensely.

That’s what you’re about to learn how to do.

Find a Vape Juice You Love

Before you can even begin worrying about how to tweak your vaping setup for better flavor, you need to find an e-liquid that you really love. If you don’t already love your current vape juice, there’s no point in trying to improve the flavor quality of your vaping setup. Tweaking your vaping hardware will improve the flavor by intensifying it. It isn’t going to change the flavor of an e-liquid that you don’t really enjoy.

Have you already tried many different e-liquids, only to find that you really weren’t crazy about any of them? We’ve got a possible reason for that.

Experiment With Unsweetened E-Liquid

If you’ve never managed to find an e-liquid that you really love, the most likely reason is that all the vape juices you’ve tried have been sweetened with sucralose. Sucralose definitely makes sweet flavors pop; a sweetened e-liquid can taste almost as sweet as candy. Sucralose, however, is also a major detriment to flavor chasing because it covers a vape juice’s subtle flavor notes. In that sense, heavily sweetened e-liquids can all begin to taste the same after a while.

Maybe you’re not worried about a lack of flavor variety from one e-liquid to the next. Maybe your bigger concern is the fact that, once you’ve been using an atomizer coil for a day or two, every e-liquid begins to taste like burnt sugar. That, too, comes down to sucralose. Sucralose doesn’t vaporize. Instead, it sticks to the heating surface in your vape tank and forms a dark crust that thickens and burns, creating that unpleasant “burnt sugar” taste.

If you really want to experience the best flavor in vaping, you owe it to yourself to give unsweetened e-liquid a try.

Try a Mouth-to-Lung Vaping Setup

If you’re an experienced vaper, it’s highly likely that you use a vaping setup designed for direct-to-lung inhaling. The direct-to-lung vaping style works well for flavor chasing because the low-nicotine e-liquids that work best for direct-to-lung inhaling produce no throat hit. With no throat hit and no peppery nicotine muddling the flavor, the flavor profile of your e-liquid comes through much more clearly.

On the other hand, direct-to-lung inhaling also means that, when you vape, most of the vapor rushes right past your mouth and into your lungs before you have an opportunity to taste it. By the time you exhale, most of the vapor has dissipated, and the flavor is greatly muted.

Even if you’re completely certain that the direct-to-lung inhaling style is what you prefer, you should still try a mouth-to-lung tank and see how it works for you. Mouth-to-lung inhaling keeps the vapor in your mouth longer, where you can actually taste it. You may therefore find that it produces a more intense flavor.

Reduce the Air Flowing Through Your Vape Tank

If you’ve decided to stick with the direct-to-lung vaping style, the next thing that you should do is tweak your tank to improve its flavor delivery. The way to do that is actually quite simple – you need to close the tank’s airflow vent slightly to reduce the amount of air entering the vapor path.

Why would reducing your tank’s airflow improve flavor? The answer is actually quite simple: Air doesn’t taste like anything. Modern vape tanks have extremely large intake vents because wide-open airflow is what helps a vape tank generate enormous clouds. The problem with allowing so much air to flow through your vape tank is that the air dilutes the flavor of your e-liquid. If you reduce the airflow just a bit, you’ll find that the flavor becomes much more intense.

Note that reducing your tank’s airflow may also cause the atomizer coil to operate at a higher temperature. You may need to reduce your mod’s wattage to compensate.

Buy a Vape Tank With a Mesh Coil

If you know that you’re using the ideal vape juice for your personal taste – and you’ve tweaked your tank for better flavor – and you still find that your vaping experience is less flavorful than you’d like it to be, there’s a good chance that you’re using an older vape tank and need to upgrade to a tank with a mesh coil.

The previous generation of cloud chasing tanks used extremely complex braided or twisted wires to achieve their cloud production. Braided and twisted wires work well for cloud chasing, but they aren’t ideal for flavor because they produce vapor with a large and uneven droplet size. Using a coil of this type, in other words, will sometimes make you feel like you’re “drinking” your e-liquid.

Mesh coils, in comparison, produce a vapor with a much smaller and more consistent droplet size. Using a mesh coil, you’ll find that the vapor takes on a “drier” character and that the droplets coat your palate more evenly. Mesh coils produce much more intense flavors compared to the vape coils of the past, and if you want to own a vape setup that’s optimized to deliver the best possible flavor, you need a tank with a mesh coil.

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