Vaping When You Have a Cough – Is it OK?

Vaping when you have a cough? Can you do it? According to the study examined on 600 Vapers, nearly 57% of them said they had to cough when they first used an electronic cigarette. The research conducted by scientists supports this hypothesis, suggesting that the most common side effect of early vapors was coughing and sore throat. For most Vapors, coughing is a temporary effect during vaporization. While nearly 57% of them said they cough when emptied first, 93% of them no longer have a problem. For those interested, 92% Vaping for more than 10 weeks, with only 1% of respondents Vaping for 0-1 weeks.

Why We Cough?

Most Vapors will probably tell you that it is propylene glycol. Based on a rough estimate (developed by Chris Price based on an analysis of forum publications), about 10% of the population is sensitive to propylene glycol. (A much lower proportion is allergic to propylene glycol). We cannot rule out the possibility that other unknown constituents, impurities, by-products in the electronic vapor cause similar irritating effects. But that raises a question. Why do Vapors cough when first using e-cigarettes, but not after prolonged use? Nobody seems to have the answer, but one possible reason is that your body gets used to these chemicals.

The Lack of Anesthetics

In addition, Chris Price of E-cigarette Politics believes that tobacco smoke contains ingredients specifically designed to prevent smokers from coughing. In essence, you can inhale tobacco smoke if you cannot breathe so well in the smoke of the fire if they are basically the same: burn some plant matter. Some of the 9,600 ingredients identified so far are supposed to make the smoke smoother, less irritating and Prevent coughing. The lack of anesthetics and cough suppressants in Vaping can explain why you cough at the first spray attempt.

Technique Used When Vaping

Vaping When You Have a Cough

Many smokers lure cigarette smoke through the mouth and directly into the lungs. But many Vapors bring Vape into their mouth and hold it there before inhaling into their lungs. Some Vapors find that they cough with the same technique for cigarettes. Could the difference between the techniques explain why people cough when they empty for the first time, but not when they are seasoned Vapors? Our survey seems to suggest techniques that make the difference, at least for some Vapors. Although many respondents (40.58%) did not know or could not remember if the changing technology had helped, nearly 30% thought it would have helped. At first, I thought that it is less likely that you will be inhaled when you cough, but in fact, it seems to vary from Vaper to Vape (maybe because of the differences in the devices used and juice).

4 Ways To Stop Coughing By Going to E-Cigs

  1. Experiment With Techniques

Now, I have always assumed that mouth-to-lung inhalation (a non-technical term, but common in the Vaping community) would be less of a cough. But that’s not always the case, as this comment by Brown Eyed Pea on Reddit shows. I have (and sometimes do) sometimes inhaled from the mouth into the lungs, never for any reason with direct lung inhalation. Therefore, it is important to experiment with the technology to find the right one for you. I would like to know which techniques work best for you, let me know in the comments below.

  1. Change The PG / VG Ratio

If you continue coughing while Vaping, you can change the PG / VG ratio. Most E-liquids consist of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). VG is more flexible and many people who use high-power box mods find that they need to use an e-liquid with a high VG ratio to avoid coughing. A small minority of people have to use a 100% VG E-liquid, although with nebulizers this can be quite difficult.

  1. Experiment With The Level of Nicotine

We have seen that nicotine can affect the impact on the throat it receives. So, if coughing is a problem, it may be helpful to temporarily reduce the nicotine you are using. Remember, however, that scientists tell us that smoking comes from smoke, not nicotine. Then, if you have the habit of Vaping, it can be helpful to increase nicotine levels if it helps you stay away from tobacco cigarettes.

  1. Drink Water

We have seen that PG and VG can cause mild dehydration, but can you easily respond by drinking more water.

Finally, The Positive Side Effects of Vaping

If you are thinking about leaving electronic cigarettes at the first hurdle, it may be helpful to consider the positive side effects of Vaping. While most of the reported side effects are minor and transient, research shows that the beneficial effects of Vaping can be enormous, especially when it is 100% converted to electronic cigarettes.

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